Dave Emanuel

Vice President


Dave Emanuel

Vice President

Dave Emanuel is mayor pro tem of Snellville and a regular contributor to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

Dave grew up in the Northeast and lived in Southern California prior to moving to Snellville, where he and his wife Kathy have lived for the past 28 years. He is currently Vice President of Random Technology, a manufacturing company located in Loganville.

Prior to becoming a Snellville City Council member, Dave served on the city’s Planning Commission for two years. He is also a graduate of the Snellville Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA), a member of the CPA Alumni Association, a member of the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association (STAT) and is a regular volunteer at City civic functions such as Snellville Days, Snellville Farmers Market, Fall Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting. Recently, he launched “Give Hunger the Boot,” a program that helps raise funds for local food banks.

Dave believes that government should be run like a business. As he sees it, “A city government’s primary business is providing service; its customers are the taxpayers. If the city is run with maximum efficiency, the quality of service increases and taxes decrease. It’s obviously not quite that simple because city officials frequently have to consider a variety of county, state and Federal requirements when making decisions. But regardless of the complexity of a situation, I’ve always found that common sense goes a long way when you’re trying to serve the best interests of citizens.”

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