At the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, we believe all good public policy is based upon fact, an understanding of sound economic principles and the core principles of our free enterprise system: economic freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, individual initiative, respect for private property and the rule of law.

These principles have real-world impact

Since 1991, our mission has been to improve the lives of Georgians by promoting public policies that enhance economic opportunity and freedom: “Changing Georgia Policy, Changing Georgians’ Lives.”

We tackle the bread-and-butter issues Georgians face: education, health care, fiscal and regulatory issues, housing, transportation, and economic opportunity.

We focus on these economic issues because we envision a state where innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity thrive, and individuals flourish based upon strong property rights, free markets and equal opportunity for all. The commonsense ideas and policies we propose can take root to demonstrate how our free-enterprise system succeeds and provides economic opportunity and freedom for all Georgians.


Our mission is to improve the lives of Georgians through public policies that enhance economic opportunity and freedom.


Our vision is a state that welcomes free, open, and civil exchanges of ideas to foster an atmosphere of liberty and limited government.