Georgia Public Policy Foundation seeks to effect change in the public policy arena by offering an independent voice unbeholden to political parties, special interests and “politics as usual.” A civil discourse must overcome polarizing divisiveness and partisanship, while observing commonsense doctrines of transparency from government, freedom of speech and an expectation of individual privacy.

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

By the time policy proposals become legislation, elected officials have long forgotten the mind-numbing groundwork laid by this nonpartisan organization to produce Georgia-focused policies that benefit all Georgians.

Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

By Georgia Public Policy Foundation Staff

For many Georgians, 2021 has been a trying follow-up to a traumatizing 2020. Last year, many Thanksgiving gatherings fell short on attendance and grace amid the trauma of the pandemic and the still-fresh presidential election.…

30 Years of Changing Georgia Policy, Changing Georgians’ Lives

By Benita Dodd

It was 30 years ago that a group of Georgia’s business leaders, inspired by the success of the Heritage Foundation’s influence on the Reagan administration’s policy agenda, decided it was time to replicate the approach at the state…

Our 50 State Flag: How One Ohio Teen’s Quest to Change His Grade Became Our National Symbol

A teenage Bob Heft's quest to change his grade resulted in one of the most enduring symbols of freedom.

The Joy in Juneteenth

Any freedom-minded American should find joy in a day officially dedicated to commemorating the liberation of a people from slavery.

A Day of Honor, a Sacrifice of a Lifetime

By Benita Dodd

Nearly 5 million people died in the Korean War, a conflict that began in June 1950 and ended in July 1953. More than half of those killed were civilians – a civilian death rate higher than World War…

Reforming Policing While Preserving Law Enforcement

There are good policies worth pursuing that will enhance accountability for law enforcement and judicial systems while respecting the difficult nature of the work required of these positions.

Coronavirus: Self-isolation, Community Unity

Government is working on big solutions, but individual actions can make a difference.

The Search for Civility and Civil Society

Today, instead of uniting behind common goals, many Americans wallow in their differences.

‘Love Your Enemies,’ a Timely Reminder for a Polarized Nation

It’s a cultural phenomenon that many Americans have helplessly watched unfold: the dissolution of respectful political dialogue and the rise of the culture of contempt.

Make Civility and Civics a Winning Combo in 2019

Bob Hanner embraced a standard of statesmanship for Georgia.

Sen. John McCain: ‘Our wealth and culture are the product of our freedom’

To honor the life and career of John McCain, we share excerpts from his remarks at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 15th anniversary celebration in 2006.

State Policy Network Profiles Kyle Wingfield

The State Policy Network interviewed Kyle Wingfield, who became the president and CEO of The Georgia Public Policy Foundation in April 2018.

So What Does a Think Tank Do?

Think-tanks aim to fill the gap between academia and policymaking. Are think tanks of benefit to you? Can they assist you in deciding what you think?

Foundation VP Benita Dodd Shares Thoughts 50 Years After Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Foundation looks back on policies since MLK's death.

Sunshine Week 2018 Shines a Light on Ongoing Need for Transparency

Sunshine Week highlights government transparency and access to public information.

Can We All Just Get Along?

What connection do air conditioning, airlines and education have with today’s overheated political climate?

Memorial Day Thanks for Better Days After Battle Scars

A man of faith, Scott Rigsby works to serve both as a lesson and an example.

An Assault on Nonprofit Giving

For nonprofits that engage in issue advocacy on political matters, private giving prevents retaliation against speakers.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Of the options of time, talent, and money, I should at least give some money.