A free and competitive marketplace of education choices that rewards innovation, efficiency and quality, one in which the funding follows the child, will provide families with the education that best meets their child’s needs. Priorities should include student-centered education, public charter schools, special-needs scholarships, tuition tax credit scholarships, online learning environments and a focus on high-school diplomas in the corrections system.

Simple Change in Law Can Save Georgia Taxpayers Over $80 Million

Dedicate Georgia’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) funds to EIP services and require all local systems to follow state guidelines when classifying students as EIP.

School Choice Can Help Ease Georgia’s Looming Fiscal Issues

If the Georgia Legislature does nothing, state and local taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $142 million to educate 17,000 more children in public schools in upcoming years, in addition to all the increased needs of unemployed Georgians.

Hybrid Home Schools Offer Families Options Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

While everyone hopes to return to “normal” as soon as possible, the possibility certainly exists that come fall, the coronavirus will return.

Don’t Stand in the Way of Georgia Families’ Education Options

The hard-fought campaign to give Georgia families greater choice in how their children are educated is far from over.

What’s the Biggest Problem Facing Schools Today?

The problems that often get the most attention in the media are not paramount in the minds of adults.

A Home Run for School Choice from ‘Miss Virginia’

By Andrew Wimer

Andrew Wimer

Imagine sitting in a Congressional hearing room listening to testimony from one of your opponents, a public high school principal. He tells the collected members of the House of Representatives that…

Leaving Cities: Millennials Aren’t Too Cool for School

Millennials are continuing their parents' pattern of leaving cities when their children reach school age.

Interpreting Graduation Rates: Not as Easy as ABC

The method may be consistent across states, but a “graduate” is not.

‘Waiting for Superman’: How School Choice Can Save America’s Schools

Liberal filmmaker Davis Guggenheim seems an unlikely advocate for free market-based education reform, but he makes the case for policies that are traditionally part of conservatives’ education reform initiatives.

Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS)

TRS administers the fund from which teachers in the state’s public schools, many employees of the University System of Georgia, and certain other designated employees in educational-related work environments receive retirement benefits.

Ed Choice – The Fiscal Effects of School Choice Programs on Public School Districts

The public education establishment routinely argues that school choice programs, where “the money follows the child,” harm students who remain in public schools.

Ed Choice – The School Staffing Surge

America’s K-12 public education system has experienced tremendous historical growth in employment, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

Georgians’ Support for School Choice Has No Political Boundaries

A large majority of Georgians support school choice, and nearly all of those support choice for all Georgia students regardless of family income, according to a survey unveiled today at a Georgia Public Policy Foundation event in Macon.

Expanding Education Choices: From Vouchers and Tax Credits to Savings Accounts

Education is on the verge of a new frontier. Online virtual schools are spreading around the country, and charter schools now account for some 2 million students.

Ed Choice – A Win-Win Solution

A vast body of research shows educational choice programs improve academic outcomes for students and schools, saves taxpayers money, reduces segregation in schools and improves students’ civic values.

Great Teachers’ Academy – Micro School Network

Great Teachers Academy is a micro-school network built on a hub and spoke principle. The "hub" provides all the central administrative services. The "spokes" are teacher lead micro schools that can accommodate between 40 and 160 students.

Acton Academy – Self Directed Learning

Acton Academy is a one room, innovative school originally based in Austin Texas. Acton is in year seven of re-imagining education as a private small micro-school.

How Are ESAs Like a Cell Phone?

ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) are like the operating system on an iPhone. ESA's are a platform for ideas in education, similar to the way operating systems act as a platform for the applications on a phone.

An Education on Public Charter Schools in Georgia

One thought on “An Education on Public Charter Schools in Georgia”

Still Asking for Whom Georgia’s Roads are Tolled?

Automobiles heading north in the toll lanes along I-75 encountered no delays on April 27, while traffic in the general-purpose lanes crawled for miles because of construction delays.

By Benita M. Dodd

The toll lanes are coming! The toll lanes are…