School Choice Week and the “Year of Educational Freedom”

School Choice Week is here! We offer a few suggestions for supporters of school choice to make 2022 the “Year of Educational Freedom.”

Georgia Ranks High on Freedom, but Has Room to Improve 

This week, the Georgia Bulldogs proved they were No. 1 in college football. But when it comes to ranking freedom in the states, Georgia still has a little room to improve.

Estimated State Grants Under the Education Stabilization Fund Included in the CARES Act – CRS

2022 Legislative Session Readies for Kickoff

The 2022 legislative session will begin on Monday, January 10, under a cloud of uncertainty. And, not just the uncertainty of the Bulldogs' national championship hopes.

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

By the time policy proposals become legislation, elected officials have long forgotten the mind-numbing groundwork laid by this nonpartisan organization to produce Georgia-focused policies that benefit all Georgians.

American Institute for Full Employment

The Institute conducts leading research, studies best practices, and develops practical solutions in the areas of unemployment insurance, workforce development and public assistance.

In Building Back Better, Treat Safety Nets with Care

By Chris Denson

On November 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act on a near party-line vote, after months of negotiations on a bill predicted to cost $2.2 trillion.

One contentious “pay-for” in the bill is severe…

States Left Holding the Baby in Feds’ Early Learning Plan

By Aaron Churchill

President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress are poised to continue the federal government’s spending spree, this time through a $2 trillion extravaganza named Build Back Better (BBB). Just before Thanksgiving, the House of Representatives narrowly passed its version…

DFCS Descriptive Data

Year to year data reports from the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). The descriptive data includes information from 2009 through 2018.

Government’s Best Industrial Policy: Remove Barriers

By Adam Thierer

Can American companies compete? Lawmakers of all stripes are asking this question today in response to growing Chinese economic and military power. What’s more, they are calling for an industrial policy to boost innovation in semiconductors, 5G wireless…

Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

By Georgia Public Policy Foundation Staff

For many Georgians, 2021 has been a trying follow-up to a traumatizing 2020. Last year, many Thanksgiving gatherings fell short on attendance and grace amid the trauma of the pandemic and the still-fresh presidential election.…

Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS)

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) investigates reports of child abuse; finds foster and adoptive homes for abused and neglected children; issues SNAP, Medicaid and TANF; helps out-of-work parents get back on their feet; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help families in need.

Mileage-based User Fees, the Next Best Thing for Georgia Transportation

For several reasons, fuel tax revenues are diminishing over time even as population growth increases the vehicle miles traveled.

Window of Opportunity for Tax Reform in Georgia

Lowering and flattening Georgia’s personal income tax rate could create tens of thousands of jobs within five years, according to a new analysis conducted for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

Georgia Department of Labor

The mission of the Georgia Department of Labor is to work with public and private partners in building a workforce system that contributes to Georgia's economic prosperity.

Returns Aside, Pension Risks Remain in Georgia

By Jen Sidorova

Georgia’s largest public pension plans, the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS), have seen a year of exceptionally high investment returns: 19.4% and 25.08% gains respectively.

This performance is in stark contrast with…

Supply Chain Snags and Silver Linings

Logistics is a hot topic because it is suddenly a troubled area after being a part of life that has almost always worked smoothly and uninterrupted.

Government, Poverty and Self-Reliance

The paper by Larry Reed reprinted here was originally commissioned for the inaugural conference of The
Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College in April 2005. The conference was titled “The Road From
Poverty to Freedom: A Look Backward and Forward at the War on Poverty,” and it was natural to include
Larry, a 1975 graduate of the college who majored in economics and studied under the renowned Austrian
economist Hans Sennholz.

2021 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum, Rx for What Ails the State

For more than a decade, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Georgia Legislative Policy Forum has sought to tackle the most pressing issues of the day in the state. This year is no different.

Federal Vaccination Mandate Paves Pathway to High Court

The high court has never sanctioned a federal executive vaccine mandate.