• Embrace funding alternatives
  • Plan for a future of transportation innovations
  • Include Georgia’s research universities in solutions.
  • Expand the metro Atlanta express toll lanes into a seamless network.
  • Improve arterial mobility
  • Adopt transit solutions that are flexible and adaptable
  • Enhance alternative freight routes around Atlanta
  • Develop last-mile solutions

Traffic congestion, while inconvenient, is a sign of a thriving economy. Georgia must focus its transportation planning on increasing mobility for individuals and building upon the success of our ports and our international airport.

How should Atlanta address it’s traffic congestion problem? Watch the video below or read our full study.

Further resources:

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is jointly responsible with the Georgia Department of Transportation for transportation planning for the 18-county Atlanta metropolitan region, including the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (Plan2040) and the six-year Transportation Improvement Program.

The State Road and Toll Authority,

The Georgia DOT Fact Book,


Bus Rapid Transit
Watch this short video to see the mayor or Rio de Janeiro talk about his High Capacity Transportation Network composed not of rail, but Bus Rapid Transit or BRT, which is essentially light rail on rubber tires.

Rail Transit
Watch athisvideo from Reason.TV to see how light rail works for Los Angeles commuters. It’s called “17 Miles in Just 78 Minutes! Light Rail Vs. Reality in LA.”


Georgia Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation
National Transportation Statistics 2003
Highway Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Federal Transit Administration

GARVEE Bonds – Federal Highway Administration

GARVEE Bonds and the Governor’s Road Improvement Program (GRIP)


Reason Public Policy Institute

Texas Transportation Institute
2003 Urban Mobility Study

The Public Purpose
Bus Rapid Transit Less Expensive, Faster than Light Rail

Federal Transit Association
Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise (GAO report, September, 2001)

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority

Georgia Rail Passenger Program

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