Comparing Cobb and Gwinnett County transit plans

Gwinnett and Cobb County will ask voters to approve a one-cent sales tax to expand public transit options this fall.

The Foundation has previously released detailed information on the Cobb and Gwinnett plans, which have switched from a desire to link with MARTA to a bus-based plan.

Below we have a comparison between the two plans; including what is in each, what residents can expect and how much it will cost.

Cobb CountyGwinnett County
FundingOne-cent sales tax, switch from general fundOne-cent sales tax, switch from general fund
BRT Heavy lines6 lines1 line
BRT Heavy frequency of Service15-20 minutes15-20 minutes
BRT Heavy cost$5 billionNot detailed
BRT Lite3 lines8 lines
BRT Lite cost$900 millionNot detailed
BRT Lite frequency of service15-20 minutes15-20 minutes
Local bus12 routes18 routes
Local bus frequency30 minutes15-30 minutes
Local bus cost$2 billionNot detailed
Local bus stop upgrades$300 millionNot detailed
Limited-stop buses3 lines0 lines
Limited-stop frequency15-30 minutesNot detailed
Limited-stop cost$450 millionNot detailed
Express bus3 lines, GRTA operates additional lines in the county0 lines included in plan,
(GRTA operates lines in county)
Express bus cost$350 millionNot detailed
MicrotransitUnclear, no details on level27 zones
Microtransit cost$2 BillionNot detailed
Micrtoransit frequencyNot detailed20 minutes
Extra serviceNone highlightedDirect connectors to airport
Extra service frequencyN/A60 minutes
AcFve TransportaFon (walking, cycling)Dedicated fundingDedicated funding
AcFve TransportaFon funding$500 millionNot detailed
Transit Centers6 new, $239 Million19 new, cost not provided
Intelligent Transportation Systems (traffic signals)Countywide, $211 millionCountywide, cost not provided
ITS cost$237 Million focused on BRTYes focused on BRT, cost not detailed
Capital bus purchase/ replacementYes, $2 billionYes, amount not detailed
ParatransitComplementary to
fixed route bus, $418 million
Complementary to
fixed route bus, cost not provided
Roadway improvements for transit$500 millionNot detailed
Percent of county covered by service100%100%
Overall focus of plan (most funding 50% weight, most funding 50% weight)BRT heavyLocal bus and microtransit
Total Cost$11 billion$17 billion
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