Georgia Public Policy Foundation explores targeted healthcare solutions that are patient-centered, provide security for the sickest individuals, treat individuals and companies fairly under the tax code, promote personal responsibility, embrace transparency in the market, and avoid costly top-down mandates that discourage flexibility and limit options for Georgians seeking access to affordable, quality care.

In Building Back Better, Treat Safety Nets with Care

By Chris Denson

On November 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act on a near party-line vote, after months of negotiations on a bill predicted to cost $2.2 trillion.

One contentious “pay-for” in the bill is severe…

Federal Vaccination Mandate Paves Pathway to High Court

The high court has never sanctioned a federal executive vaccine mandate.

Garble Mires Message on Healthcare Reform

By John C. Goodman

In almost all recent polling, voters say healthcare is their number one concern. They also trust Democrats more than Republicans on the issue.

But why?

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the most flawed health system Americans ever created. If you combine the…

Keeping an Eye on Telehealth

By Chris Denson

With the current surge of COVID-19 cases resulting from the Delta variant, and the probability of a continued strain on our healthcare system during the fall and winter, we face a renewed need to adapt the existing methods…

Three Policies to Ease Georgia’s Healthcare Staffing Crisis 

Nurses are frustrated and exhausted, and hospitals have two staffing challenges: to attract more and to keep those they have.

Georgia’s Healthcare Competitiveness Hobbled by Certificate of Need

By Chris Denson

When assessing Georgia’s competitiveness with neighboring states, Florida and Tennessee are often positioned as the ideal because neither has a state income tax. Another area in which Georgia lags  behind those same neighbors, unfortunately, is in healthcare –…

How Georgia is ‘Amazon-izing’ Healthcare and Fixing What’s Wrong with the Affordable Care Act

By Randy Pate

While Republicans nationally struggle to agree on solutions in healthcare and Democrats push for more government control, Georgia is taking a major step forward in altering key aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to empower consumers and…

Auto Insurance Provides a Model for Health Insurance Reform

By Ronald E. Bachman

Auto insurance has paved the way for health reform to follow. Nobody has suggested auto insurance is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. Auto insurance is bipartisan and non-partisan, universally available and mandatory in all but two…

Personalized Health Insurance, Ready to Roll Out Today

Neither politicians nor insurance industry leaders are discussing a risk segmentation approach. Why? Because it upsets the status quo.

For Millions, Healthcare Waivers Offer Hope

Georgians received a dose of good news Thursday, as Gov. Brian Kemp announced federal approval of his plans to increase healthcare access and affordability.

Ingenuity, Innovation Illuminate Georgia’s Back-to-School Path

Despite the choices available to many, ultimately, the vast majority of Georgia’s families are waiting for their children to return to local public schools and brick-and-mortar classrooms.

Legislature Acts to Increase Transparency in Drug Pricing

Due to their sheer size and central role in the supply chain, pharmacy benefit managers are responsible not only for the price of the drugs that health plan participants receive, but often which drugs they get.

COVID-19: Spanish Flu 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic bears a striking resemblance to the Spanish flu epidemic that peaked in October 1918.

Georgia’s Reopening Approach Holds Lesson for Other States

Kemp always insisted the strictest measures on Georgians had to last only as long as necessary and no longer. The data indicate that Georgia has flattened the curve, meaning new cases are developing at a slow enough pace its healthcare providers and resources can handle them.

Medicaid Expansion’s No Cure for COVID-19’s Spread

Only three states were still projected as of April 22 to experience a hospital-bed shortage, according to the oft-cited model by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. All are expansion states in the Northeast.

Near-term Responses to Ease COVID-19 Impact in Georgia

The Foundation marshaled its Senior Fellows and colleagues around the nation and compiled a list of policies that could be implemented quickly to ease the burden on providers, educators, businesses and families as the pandemic continues.

Near-Term Proposals as Georgia Tackles COVID-19

The Foundation has compiled a list of policy proposals as the state of Georgia copes with the uncertainties surrounding the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19 a Teachable Moment for Georgia Healthcare Policy

Over the years – in some cases, decades – our state leaders have declined to enact some important policies that would have put us in a better position.

Innovation, Lessons Learned Guide Georgia’s Response to Coronavirus

The response by state officials thus far has been practical and preemptive, lessons honed in recent years.

Reform is Overdue for Federal-State Medicaid Partnership

By providing a higher reimbursement for Obamacare-expansion enrollees, the federal government is now discriminating against the traditional Medicaid populations in favor of the able-bodied, working-age adult population. That’s unfair to those who Medicaid was intended to serve and leads to some diversion of services away from traditional Medicaid enrollees.