Georgia Public Policy Foundation applauds Gov. Kemp for signing Georgia Promise Scholarship Act

Governor Brian Kemp signed the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act into law today, marking a significant milestone in educational reform for the state of Georgia.

This new legislation will provide state-funded scholarships to families, allowing them the flexibility to choose non-public educational options that best meet their children’s unique learning needs. This is a legislative win for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, which has played an active role in advocating for more extensive school choice legislation. 

Kyle Wingfield, President and CEO of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, expressed his support for the bill: “We commend Governor Kemp for signing the Promise Scholarship Act into law and thank Senator Greg Dolezal, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones and their colleagues for their dedication. This legislation will empower thousands of Georgia families with educational choices, ensuring that educational expenditure can be used toward private schooling and related expenses for students in need. It’s an important step forward for educational freedom in our state and improving educational outcomes.”

The signing of the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act by Governor Kemp is a forward-thinking move that will reshape the educational opportunities available to families. It is a clear commitment to expanding educational freedom and empowering parents to make optimal choices for their children’s education.

As the landscape of education continues to evolve, this act provides new, flexible options for Georgia families, ensuring more students can access an education that truly meets their needs.

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