Student Outreach Scholarship Program Announcement

This week the Georgia Public Policy Foundation formally announced its new Student Outreach Scholarship Program that will enable university students to network with leading conservative policy makers at no charge to the students or to their schools.  Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd unveiled the scholarship program at our April 23 telemedicine leadership event.

Benita Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Benita Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

“It’s called the S.O.S. program because we need to start Saving Our Students,” Dodd said.  “We have liberal academia out there who are seizing the moment and we are lagging so what we decided to do is sponsor at least a table of students at every event.”

Half a dozen Georgia Institute of Technology students were on-hand Tuesday morning to hear state public commissioner Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald moderate a telemedicine health care panel.  Students from Morehouse College attended our March program that featured Ayn Rand Institute President Yaron Brook.

“The way this program started was that I asked my Facebook friends if they would sponsor a student for $25,” Dodd said.  “Within a week I had $2,500 just from my Facebook friends.  If my Facebook friends can do it I’m asking you all if you would please reach out and help us.”  (Click here to watch Benita Dodd’s remarks on the Foundation YouTube channel.)

Students will be exposed to renowned speakers from around the nation who advocate free market approaches, limited government, individual responsibility, accountability and a spirit of entrepreneurship … in short, this nation’s Founding Principles!  Students will also enjoy networking with elected officials, business leaders, educators and Foundation supporters.

Scholarship awards will be based on a combination of academic status, need and interest.  Students who wish to attend an event should e-mail their applications to with the subject line, “SOS Program Application.”

Kelly McCutchen
Kelly McCutchen, President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Applicants should include a cover note of not more than 150 words explaining why you believe you should receive the award.  Along with a cover note, include the following:  Name, contact information, college attended, course of study and how you learned about the program. The Foundation has established a selection committee that will make final award recommendations.

“We know our state and our nation have reached a critical intersection in terms of personal liberty and the relationship that we have as individuals with government,” said Foundation President Kelly McCutchen.  “This program is one more way that the Foundation is working to help advance these ideas and principles that we cherish as Americans.

“We believe we have a responsibility to help university students and others who are interested in public policy understand our heritage because, ultimately, we will look to them to become the next defenders of our personal liberties.  That’s what this program is all about.”  Learn more here:  SOSflier (1)

Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd and Georgia Tech students who attended the Foundation's April 23 Leadership Breakfast on telemedicine strategies.
Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd and Georgia Tech students who attended the Foundation’s April 23 Leadership Breakfast on telemedicine strategies.
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