Foundation launches Keep Georgia Working

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation announced that it has launched a multi-faceted digital campaign to reach new residents of Georgia with the message of what has made the state a top destination for new residents for decades, and why we cannot afford to reverse that progress in the Peach State. 

The Keep Georgia Working campaign will target the more than one million new residents to Georgia over the past decade. Georgia’s growth is so strong that last year just three states welcomed more new residents. Of those new residents last year, Georgia had a net population growth of 14,958 residents from California, 7,646 from New York, 7,334 from New Jersey and 3,672 from Illinois, as we continue to see a significant migration pattern away from high-tax and high-regulation states to economically free states with lighter tax and regulatory burdens.

“Georgia has long been attractive to Americans seeking a better life, and the reasons for this are no accident,” said Kyle Wingfield, President and CEO of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. “Opportunities exist here because of a carefully constructed policy environment that rewards hard work and investment – policies that for decades have enjoyed a bipartisan consensus in our state. We intend to ‘connect the dots’ for newcomers to Georgia and help them understand the vital importance of protecting this policy environment by demanding as much from their elected officials – regardless of party affiliation.”

This digital campaign will highlight how this growth is not by accident but because of the sound economic policy, from lower taxes to lighter regulations, that has made Georgia a popular destination for those seeking better opportunity for work and for their family. can be found here.

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