November 11, 2022 • Commentary

The Modern Perception of Veterans Day

Veterans have earned the respect of a grateful nation, and although they do not expect us to recognize their service, they appreciate it when we do.

June 20, 2022 • Blog

Juneteenth: A Franchise of Freedom

We are not all descendants of American slavery, but to be an American is to have inherited its legacy, and its lessons.

January 12, 2022 • Foundation News

Heartfelt Thanks

When you last heard from me, I was preparing for open-heart surgery.

December 31, 2021 • Blog

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

After nearly 19 years as VP and resident Jiminy Cricket, December 31, 2021, is my last day with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

December 20, 2021 • Foundation News

Foundation Mourns Passing of Johnny Isakson

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is saddened to hear of the December 19 passing of Johnny Isakson, who was not only a national political titan but a longtim

November 19, 2021 • Foundation News

Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

For many Georgians, 2021 has been a trying follow-up to a traumatizing 2020. But there's still much to be thankful for.

September 9, 2021 • Foundation News

Labor Day and the Value of Work

The holiday honoring workers stems from the Industrial Revolution, when working conditions in America’s burgeoning assortment of factories, mills and mines came

August 31, 2021 • Foundation News

Tradition and Touchdowns

Few things loom as large over the Southern calendar as college football. Weddings are scheduled around it, vacations are planned for it, millions and millions o

June 25, 2021 • Commentary

To Do No Harm, Protect Donor Privacy

Imagine you make a donation to a nonprofit organization that inspired you enough to want to support their good work. Now, imagine this gift became public information. For most people, […]

June 18, 2021 • Commentary

The Joy in Juneteenth

In the 1860s, news traveled slowly. There was no Twitter, no 24-hour cable news, no talk radio. For many enslaved people on the Western Frontier, news of their emancipation arrived […]

May 28, 2021 • Commentary

A Day of Honor, a Sacrifice of a Lifetime

Nearly 5 million people died in the Korean War, a conflict that began in June 1950 and ended in July 1953. More than half of those killed were civilians – a civ

June 12, 2020 • Commentary

Reforming Policing While Preserving Law Enforcement

Systematic reform within the criminal justice system has become prevalent in the public discourse in the wake of recent events, including the tragic deaths of t

March 13, 2020 • Commentary

Coronavirus: Self-isolation, Community Unity

It isn’t just the social-media memes about toilet paper that are bright spots amid the finger-pointing and politicizing over the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-

September 27, 2019 • Commentary

The Search for Civility and Civil Society

“Civil society” is the latest catchphrase in public policy circles, and for good reason. Personal responsibility and individual initiative have been relinquished to government in unprecedented measure and, related to […]

July 17, 2018 • State Policy Network

State Policy Network Profiles Kyle Wingfield

The State Policy Network interviewed Kyle Wingfield, who became the president and CEO of The Georgia Public Policy Foundation in April 2018. The State Policy Network interviewed Kyle Wingfield, who […]

June 25, 2018 • Commentary

So What Does a Think Tank Do?

Think-tanks aim to fill the gap between academia and policymaking. Are think tanks of benefit to you? Can they assist you in deciding what you think? /div Since joining the […]

August 18, 2017

Free Speech Must Persevere on Campus

Disagreement should produce more speech, not less. For every seemingly beyond-the-pale example publicized, others occur on campuses every day. It’s almost enough to make conservatives want to abandon and defund […]

June 23, 2017

Can We All Just Get Along?

What connection do air conditioning, airlines and education have with today’s overheated political climate? By Benita M. Dodd What connection do air conditioning, airlines and education have with today’s overheated […]

March 21, 2016

An Assault on Nonprofit Giving

For nonprofits that engage in issue advocacy on political matters, private giving prevents retaliation against speakers. This commentary by Jon Riches appeared March 18 in Philanthropy Daily and is republished below. Access […]