Prof. Frank Stephenson

Berry College

Prof. Stephenson is the Henry Gund Professor of Economics and chair of the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance at Berry College. His research and teaching interests lie in sports economics and public policy, and he has published in journals including Economic Inquiry, Public Choice, Journal of Sports Economics, and Journal of Monetary Economics. He is currently the editor of the Journal of Economics and Finance Education.

July 10, 2020 • Commentary

When Will the Legislature Break Up with Tax Breaks?

The state of Georgia is required by law to have a balanced budget. Ahead of the new fiscal year on July 1, the Legislature faced difficult choices because of CO

May 22, 2020 • Commentary

Federal Fix Can Help States and Encourage Work

The U.S. House passed another massive spending bill on May 15 in response to COVID-19. In the unlikely event the Senate and President Trump approve it, that mea