Where are we as of Day 40?

Status of key economic issues (updated at 10 pm):


  • Increase in the cap on the tuition tax credit scholarship that was hit in a matter of hours on January 1 of this year: No action
  • Education Savings Accounts, similar to those in Arizona and Florida, that allows parents to tailor education spending to meet the unique needs of their children: Passed committee, no vote in the House
  • Creation of a Opportunity School District for failing schools: Passed
  • Move on When Ready 2.0 allowing high school students to take college level classes while still enrolled in high school: Passed
  • Address state charter and virtual school funding: No action
  • Allow workplace charter schools: Passed committee, no vote in the House
  • Allow charter school students access to extracurricular activities at their home school if not available at their charter school: Passed committee, no vote in the House

Health Care

  • Market-oriented alternative to Medicaid Expansion: No bills introduced
  • Medical malpractice reform: No action
  • Tax credit for private donations to charity care clinics: No action, but the Senate included $1 million in the budget


  • Reform of professional licensing restrictions to improve economic opportunity for low- and middle-income Georgians: No bill introduced
  • Allow direct sale of small quantities of beer by breweries and brew pubs: Watered down bill does not allow direct sales
  • Ride sharing services: Bill supported by Uber and Lyft passed
  • Unlimited direct sales of Tesla automobiles: Passed

Criminal Justice

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture reform: Passed


  • Transportation Funding: Passed
  • Fractional SPLOST: Passed


  • Pension reform: Bill introduced creating hybrid pensions for all new teachers, similar to hybrid pension plan created for all state employees hired after 2009 (Note: Pension bills cannot be passed in the year they are introduced.)
  • Allow local governments to participate in Public Private Partnerships: Passed
  • Tax Reform: Several bills introduced, but no action
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