What We’re Watching at the Capitol

By Mike Klein 


Mike Klein Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Mike Klein
Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

The General Assembly returns Monday for Day 22 with Crossover Day 30 scheduled for March 3 and adjournment scheduled Wednesday March 20.  Below are some of the bills related to recent Foundation policy proposals:  

Criminal Justice Reform: With fewer than half of the Legislature’s calendar remaining, criminal justice reform legislation has not yet made its appearance.  The 2014 bill is expected to closely follow recommendations from the Council on Criminal Justice Reform.  Elements would include public and private sector enhancements to help former felons find employment.  The goal of this year’s legislation is program development to reduce recidivism, which is the rate at which former prisoners return to incarceration within three years because of a new offense.   

Click here for Foundation YouTube coverage.
Click here for the Council report released in January. 

Civil asset forfeiture:  Legislation under consideration would rewrite the state’s confusing civil asset forfeiture laws into a more understandable code with some enhanced protection for citizens. It would ensure judicial review for any property or cash seized greater than $25,000, and judicial review whenever requested by a citizen for amounts less than $25,000. HB 1 has passed House Judiciary this week and could be called to the House floor next week.   

Click here for the legislation.
Click here for YouTube coverage.

Foster careLegislation passed out of the Senate Health and Insurance Committee this week to reorganize foster care, adoption and other child care services.  Under SB 350, the state Division of Family and Children Services would conduct investigations and community-based private providers would care for youth in state custody.  About half of the state’s 7,000 foster care children are already in community based care. 

Click here for the legislation.
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