News Release: Foundation Welcomes DeVos as Secretary of Education

Georgia Public Policy Foundation News Release
For Immediate Release
February 7, 2017

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Foundation Welcomes DeVos as Secretary of Education

Atlanta – Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, had the following response to today’s Senate confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education. 

“The vote for Betsy DeVos is a vote for America’s children.

“Mrs. DeVos has exercised her constitutional right to put her money where her mouth is – into school choice – and we’re excited to see her promote her preference to give families options for their children’s education.

“Competition is a rising tide that lifts all boats; there’s especially no reason for an unchallenged government monopoly for America’s low-income families.

“The new Secretary of Education will promote access to choice for families – who are, after all, the best, most local option – while encouraging traditional public schools to be more innovative in improving academic achievement. As our recent study on Georgia education spending demonstrated, it’s high time this nation refocused education to work on ‘how’ instead of ‘how much,’” McCutchen added.

The Foundation study released January 26, “Balancing the Books in Education,” found the Georgia Department of Education website underreports – by about $3.5 billion – annual state public education funding. That “missing money” was not spent on real salary increases for teachers, according to the study author, Dr. Ben Scafidi. It went to a “staffing surge” beyond what was needed to accommodate student growth.  

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