Senate Resolution Honors Foundation for 25 Years of Service to Georgia

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February 23, 2016
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Senate Resolution Honors Foundation for 25 Years of Service to Georgia

Atlanta – The State Senate passed a resolution today honoring the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Georgia’s only state-focused free-market think tank, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016.

The resolution (SR 919) “recognizing and commending the Georgia Public Policy Foundation for its 25th year of continued service and work in researching and analyzing state public policy issues to educate citizens and enhance economic opportunity,” was sponsored by Sen. Hunter Hill.

Accepting the honor on behalf of the Foundation were two former presidents of the Foundation, Griff Doyle (1993-97) and T. Rogers Wade (1997-2010), who is also Board Chairman; current President Kelly McCutchen (2011-present) and Vice President Benita Dodd (2003-present).

“We appreciate so much the work that the Georgia Public Policy Foundation does on behalf of the citizens of our great state,” Lt. Governor Casey Cagle told senators when the resolution was introduced.

The Georgia State Senate passed a resolution commending the Foundation for 25 years of service to Georgia.
The Georgia State Senate passed a resolution commending the Foundation for 25 years of service to Georgia.

Introducing the Foundation, Hill told senators, “As you all know, we are part-time legislators and we need help; they do help us come up with great policies.

“And, from the aspect of coming up with free-market ideas, they are second to none,” Hill added.

“Anything from education to health care to criminal justice reform, to the issues of water and even welfare reform, they have been helpful to us these last 25 years. The purpose of this is to honor them and to thank them – and to encourage them to continue doing the great work that I believe makes Georgia a better state and moves us forward.”

McCutchen explained the Foundation’s modus operandi to the chamber.

“Hank McCamish, our founder, was a great Georgian and a great man,” McCutchen said.

“He gave us two rules: The first was to not attack individuals but to focus on ideas. 

“The second was make sure you get your facts right. Because he understood that not only was it critical to our credibility, but he truly believed that when individuals who may be coming from different perspectives agreed on a set of facts, they’re much more likely to make good decisions.

“So for 25 years we have done our best to live up to our promise to Hank, to the citizens of Georgia, to our members and to you. And we hope to continue to do that for the next 25 years.”

View the video here. 

About the Georgia Public Policy Foundation: Established in 1991, the Foundation is an independent, state-focused think tank that proposes market-oriented approaches to public policy to improve the lives of Georgians. Regular events include Leadership Breakfasts and Policy Briefing Luncheons. Weekly publications are the Friday Facts and Friday Idea commentaries. Visit our Web site at Join The Forum at Like the Foundation’s Facebook page; follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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When I served four terms in the state Senate, one of the few places where you could go to always and get concrete information about real solutions was the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. That hasn’t changed. [The Foundation] is really right up there at the top of the state think tanks, so you should be very proud of the work that they are doing!

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