Monica O’Neal is lucky to be alive.

After enduring months of excruciating pain, the retired Atlanta grandmother visited her doctor, who determined that she had a tumor in her spine. Her doctor recommended that a neurologist perform surgery immediately, but Monica lost access once her primary care provider closed its doors.

How, and why, are all Georgians impacted by Monica’s story?

While no one enjoys paying taxes, few, if any taxes are reviled as much as the property tax.
Georgia Power announced that the third nuclear reactor at its Plant Vogtle had begun commercial operation.
The Foundation’s Chris Denson speaks at a Certificate of Need hearing on August 1, 2023.
For 3 years now, we’ve known the school closures ordered amid the pandemic were detrimental to students.
Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Chris Denson testified at the Senate’s study committee on Certificate of Need reform in Georgia.
CNBC released a released a “Best Place to Live and Work” that is widely out of step with reality.
Education is going to change. From the falling test scores to burned-out teachers and students, it has to change.
New residents to Georgia led to a $1.28 billion increase in adjusted gross income. The data speaks for itself. People are moving to low tax states.
We aren’t building enough homes to keep up with supply. Meanwhile, government regulations represent a costly barrier to construction.