STOP THE NOISE: A Physician’s Quest to Silence the Politics of Health Care Reform

Our friend, Dr. Brian Hill has written an excellent new book. Here's what our experts had to say:
“Physician Brian Hill has managed to convey, with passion and conviction, his concerns aboutthe future of Americans’ health. With the unique clarity of a medical specialist and compassion as one who focuses on dealing with individuals, Dr. Hill diagnoses the damage already done and laysout an alarming prognosis for the future of health care in this country. As he so clearly points out, health care law is but one symptom of an ailing America on a path to self destruction. It’s timewe heed the doctor’s advice and follow his thoughtful roadmap back to limited government, effective solutions and individual accountability.”

Benita Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

“Dr. Hill has put his scientific training to good use in analyzing the issues and problems of national health reform. If only we had elected officials who were as logical.”

Ronald E. Bachman, FSA, MAAA President & CEO, Healthcare Visions


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