Kemp proclaims School Choice Week in Georgia

To expand educational options and empower students in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp issued a proclamation recognizing this week, January 21-27, as School Choice Week in Georgia. 

This announcement aligns with the broader “National School Choice Week,” an annual event directed by an organization of the same name, promoting educational options available for students and parents. 

Other government officials have also made proclamations recognizing School Choice Week in the past, such as President Trump while in-office, and this year, many state governors have also issued these proclamations within their home states.

This proclamation is consistent for Kemp, who has been a strong supporter of school choice. 

Just recently, as Georgia entered the second year of its biennial legislative session, Kemp expressed early and unwavering support for school-choice legislation that faced challenges in the previous year. In his State of the State address, Kemp emphasizes an “all-of-the-above” approach to education, encompassing public, private, homeschooling, charter and other alternatives. His commitment reflects a belief in providing diverse educational opportunities, with a focus on the well-being and future of each student.

This proclamation issued by Kemp outlines several key points affirming the significance of school choice and its impact on education in Georgia:

First, it asserts that “every child in Georgia has the right to a high-quality education,” emphasizing the importance of increasing access to high-performing schools for the development of the State’s youngest learners.

Kemp also advocates for empowering families by allowing them “to choose the best educational environment for their children.” This extends to evaluating specific needs and unique traits, with options ranging from public and charter schools to home-based, private, magnet, or online schooling.

Parents, families and teaching professionals across the State are recognized for their dedication to providing children with the knowledge and skills needed “to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

The proclamation cites research indicating that increasing access to multiple schooling options enhances the academic performance of children, irrespective of income level, geography, or academic aptitude.

Finally, by acknowledging the “millions of students, parents, educators, schools and community leaders” participating in National School Choice Week, the proclamation sees it as a unique opportunity “to raise awareness of the importance of an effective education system in providing greater opportunities for academic achievement.”

Kemp’s proclamation marks a significant step towards fostering a diverse and efficient educational landscape in Georgia. By recognizing the importance of school choice during National School Choice Week, the state aims to raise awareness about the importance of freedom in education.

The Georgia legislature should follow through with the spirit of this proclamation and use this opportunity to pass school choice legislation to empower students in Georgia to succeed.

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