Judge’s Decision Backing Georgia Medicaid Waiver Draws Reaction

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted President and CEO Kyle Wingfield from our recent press release on Georgia’s Medicaid waiver.

“Kemp on Friday celebrated the judge’s ruling in a tweet.

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, a libertarian-leaning think tank, agreed with him.

Foundation president Kyle Wingfield wrote in a statement online, ‘This waiver was a well-considered effort to offer a path to health coverage for low-income Georgians in a better way than traditional Medicaid — exactly the kind of demonstration project that Section 1115 of the Social Security Act is meant to encourage.’
Kemp’s plan is called a ‘demonstration waiver’ because federal law allows the government to waive some requirements for states to try out proposals that might customize a program to the state’s needs. They’re called demonstration waivers because they try to demonstrate the proposal’s success.
Wingfield said that for those who get covered under the Kemp plan, there is also the possibility for some of advancing to private insurance coverage. ‘This kind of coverage offers them better access to more healthcare providers, which in turn should lead to better health outcomes,’ he said.”

Read the full article at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.

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