Georgia Public Policy Foundation participates in Hispanic Day at the State Capitol

State Rep. Reynaldo “Rey” Martinez, R-Loganville, hosted a press conference this week to celebrate Hispanic Day at the Capitol. The event included elected representatives, local leaders, activists, and members of diverse non-profits from all over Georgia. Hispanic leaders were taken to the House of Representatives and Senate Galleries to watch the legislative proceedings. Following this, those attending were taken to the South Wing Steps of the Georgia State Capitol for a press conference that highlighted the contributions and achievements of the Hispanic community in Georgia. 

Martinez, who has been a staunch advocate for the Georgia Hispanic community, invited several Senators, Commissioners, and State representatives including the Council Generals of Guatemala and El Salvador to the podium. This opportunity provided a platform to address the challenges and opportunities facing the Hispanic community and discuss ways to promote diversity in the state. Georgia is home to more than a million Hispanics.  

This event help to build understanding and bridges between the Hispanic people and state legislators. Martinez stated, “My biggest takeaway is that the Hispanic community wants to get engaged. They want to be involved but sometimes, they have nowhere to go. They feel lost. So this is why we are having the Hispanic Day at the Capitol. So, they know that they can come here and meet legislators.”

As a Latina who works for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, we are seeking to explain the importance of economic and educational freedom to all minority constituents. Recently, we launched a targeted presentation titled, “The Hispanic Parent Empowerment Tour.”

The tour has visited Hispanic and Black communities in Atlanta, Cumming and Athens. The presentations to minority audiences explains the many educational opportunities in the state of Georgia and the need for school choice in elementary, middle and high school to prepare children for success. These presentations also show young people how to overcome adversity and inform parents how to take ownership of their children’s education.

This tour and presentations are offered through the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and in cooperation with Freedom in Education, another non-profit organization.

The Foundation is a free-market public policy think tank based in Atlanta and committed to engaging minority civic leaders to better understand the challenges our communities are facing.

Our next presentation will be on Saturday, March 16 at 9:30 am at Mt. Pisgah Church located at 2850 Old Alabama Road in Johns Creek. We’ll meet in room S305.

This presentation will be in Spanish and the public is welcome.

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