Four Reasons Georgia Needs to Protect Learning Pods

Learning pods aren’t new, but they’ve had a surge in popularity and interest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this visibility has already put learning pods at risk from burdensome overregulation in some states and districts. Georgia should instead protect learning pods from government interference.

  1. Parents deserve peace of mind.
    By protecting learning pods, parents can rest assured that their voluntary choice to work with other parents to create group educational activities will not trigger unmanageable regulatory burdens on their households and children.
  2. Parents want pods
    A recent survey noted that more than 75% of parents are open to some degree of pod learning.
  3. Pods are a pandemic positive
    While learning pods aren’t new, the heightened awareness and utilization of the idea could be a lasting bright spot to come out of the challenging educational environment of COVID-19.
  4. The time to act is now.
    Learning pods are already subject to regulation by state authorities. Protecting them now will maintain the hands-off approach that has worked for Georgia’s families.

Want to learn more about how pods are helping Georgia’s children navigate a new learning environment? Be sure to check out this commentary by Michael Horn.

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