Foundation Named to Global ‘Best Independent Think Tanks’ List

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February 7, 2019
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Foundation Named to Global ‘Best Independent Think Tanks’ List

Atlanta – For the second consecutive year, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation has been named one of the world’s “Best Independent Think Tanks” by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program.

The Foundation joins two sister think tanks in the State Policy Network – the Pacific Research Institute of California and the Texas Public Policy Foundation – as the only three U.S. state free-market think tanks named in the “Best Independent Think Tanks” ranking of the 2018 Global Go-To Think Tank Index Report, compiled annually by the program and published last week.   

“It’s rewarding to see the Georgia Public Policy Foundation ranked, once again, among organizations operating with significantly larger budgets,” said Kyle Wingfield, president and CEO of the Foundation.

“The policy proposals we share, the alliances we forge and our reputation for ‘policy over politics’ all serve us well in Georgia, where we share practical, commonsense ideas without regard to who gets the credit,” Wingfield added. “Elected officials and policymakers see us as a reliable resource, regardless of their political affiliation, and our supporters see us as responsible and reputable.

“We’ve worked since 1991 to build a foundation of credibility, and we’re particularly honored to be recognized as one of the ‘Best Independent Think Tanks’ on a list compiled by nearly 1,800 peer institutions and experts from the print and electronic media, academia, public and private donor institutions, and governments around the world.”

About the Georgia Public Policy Foundation: The Foundation, established in 1991, is a nonprofit, independent, state-focused think tank that proposes market-oriented approaches to public policy to improve the lives of Georgians. Regular events include Leadership Breakfasts and Policy Briefing Luncheons. Weekly publications are the Friday Facts and Friday Idea commentaries.

For questions about the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, email . Support the Foundation and its mission here.

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