Article V Constitutional Amendment Momentum Grows

By Mike Klein

Mike Klein Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Mike Klein
Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Legislators are considering several bills that would ensure Georgia is there if a Constitutional Convention is called for a single purpose to compel the federal government to operate within a balanced budget. This week the Judiciary Committee recommended full House passage of Senate Resolution 371 which is one of three similar bills now before the General Assembly.

Next Wednesday morning the Georgia Public Policy Foundation will host “The Case for the Compact for a Balanced Budget Amendment” with Nick Dranias, constitutional scholar and policy analyst at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona.  Dranias will discuss how states can work together to ratify a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Click here to learn more and register.

Senator Bill Cowsert presented SR 371 to the House Judiciary Committee.

This video contains public testimony, along with the Judiciary Committee vote.



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