About The Georgia Public Policy Foundation Student Outreach Scholarship (SOS) Program

Launched in March 2013, the Student Outreach Scholarship (SOS) Program is a fund established to cover the charge* for eligible students to attend Foundation events to which they otherwise would not be exposed.

The program targets students who have the ability to make a difference in their circle of influence but would under ordinary circumstances not hear the messages delivered by renowned speakers from around the nation who advocate free-market approaches, limited government, individual responsibility and accountability and a spirit of entrepreneurship; in short, this nation’s Founding principles.

Supporters of free markets and individual responsibility are losing students to liberal college professors and the ideas of nanny government. And that is eroding the chances of getting America back to what our Founders espoused.

Immigrants who came here to find the American Dream, to escape oppressive governments and better themselves in this Land of Opportunity, are being indoctrinated into government dependency. The divide-and-conquer approach is muddying the waters, leading many immigrants to lose sight of what drew them here. And with it, they’re losing economic opportunity and the ability to excel and assimilate.

DSC00279The Foundation’s SOS Program is a concerted effort to reach out to these young people and introduce them to free-market thought leaders. The goal of this targeted scholarship is to make a lasting impression on these students, to show them “the other side of the coin” evaded by liberal curricula in today’s institutions of higher education.

Contributions are tax-deductible. Every $25 contributed to the SOS Program sponsors one student for one Leadership Breakfast. A $250 contribution covers a year’s worth of breakfast events (10). 

Selection Committee:

The team that will vet student applications comprises leaders in Georgia with access to free market-focused college professors, liberty-minded groups at colleges and leadership at free-market organizations based in Georgia. The committee will consider recommendations and applications.


Scholarship awards are based on a combination of academic status, a brief cover note of up to 150 words explaining why you believe you should receive the award. The Selection Committee will make the final recommendations to the Foundation. Students who wish to apply should address their applications to , with the subject line, “SOS Program Application.” Along with your cover note, include the following: Name, contact information, college you are attending, course of study and how you found out about the SOS Program.

To contribute:

Mark your contribution: Georgia Public Policy Foundation SOS Program.

Mail your contribution to: Georgia Public Policy Foundation, 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 214, Atlanta GA 30339. 

*Please note: The Foundation does NOT make a profit on these events; the charge does not cover the cost and we depend on the generous contributions of our sponsors to make up the difference.

About the Georgia Public Policy Foundation: Established in 1991, the Foundation is a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the principles of economic freedom, limited government and personal responsibility.  The Foundation is a state-focused, independent, market-oriented think tank that conducts scholarly research and analysis to impact state public policy. The Foundation, which accepts no government funds, is the organization that Georgia’s elected officials rely upon when designing and implementing new policy.

Regular events include Leadership Breakfasts and Policy Briefing Luncheons. Weekly publications are the Friday Facts and Friday Idea commentaries. Visit our Web site at georgiapolicy.org. Join The Forum at forum.georgiapolicy.org. Like the Foundation’s Facebook page at facebook.com/GeorgiaPolicy and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/gppf.

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