Video Forum: GA’s Disruptive Innovation in Pardons and Parole

May 21st, 2014 by 1 Comment
Mike Klein Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Mike Klein
Editor, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

By Mike Klein

Folks are noticing Georgia adult and juvenile justice reforms. This month the Texas Public Policy Foundation hosted a panel discussion that included Georgia pardons and paroles executive director Michael Nail.

Nail spoke about his disruptive innovation decision to close brick-and-mortar offices in favor of virtual offices, how the state implemented technology platforms to track parolees, the adoption of a Google platform to change how parole employees fundamentally work and how video hearings radically upgraded time efficiency in the parole process.

“Just last week we had the parole board member in Atlanta, we had the offender at Jackson State Prison about sixty miles south (of Atlanta) and we had the (parole) officer as well as a law enforcement officer up north in Rome, Georgia,” said Nail. “We handled that final hearing as if they were right there through videoconferencing.” Nail said Georgia eliminated 31,000 actual travel miles during the first six months of new video-conference parole hearings.

Nail is the speaker wearing the good-looking green bow tie!  His fifteen-minute segment begins at 15:15 after an introduction by Marc Levin, founder of “Right on Crime” at the TPPF.

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