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In a June 27, 2017, article by James Salzer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, on the state auditing enrollee eligibility on the State Health Benefit Plan. The article, “Georgia saves up to $56 million booting ineligibles from health plan,” is reprinted below and is available online here.  Georgia saves up to $56 million booting ineligibles from health plan By James Salzer The state is hoping to save up to $56 million a year by removing ineligible family members of those enrolled in the State Health Benefit Plan from the program. The state Department of Community Health, which administers Medicaid as well as the State Health Benefit Plan for teachers,… View Article

DCH Board Should Be Deliberate

Today, the board of the Georgia Department of Community Health will consider a proposal to consolidate its health insurance options and contract with just one insurance carrier. We believe the board should be deliberate in its decision due to the large impact the state health plan has on Georgia’s health care market. The savings by such a move have been reported to be as much as $500 million. That would be good news to state taxpayers. Yet, the board must also consider the long-term impact of this decision as well as the impact on the state’s health care market. Choosing a single provider, as capable as that carrier may be, must be weighed against other concerns. Even though the state… View Article

Thank you for what you are doing to lead the nation. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation is leading the way. This is truly one of the leading lights in the state think tank movement. Excellent ideas. It’s well run. For those of you who are donors I congratulate you on your wisdom and I encourage you to do it and do it more.

Arthur Brooks, President, American Enterprise Institute (2015) more quotes