Friday Facts: May 31, 2013

Just about any way you measure it, extreme weather events are becoming quite rare.

Friday Facts: May 24, 2013

Georgia ranks eighth in the American Legislative Exchange Council’s economic competitiveness index, “Rich States, Poor States,” ahead of all other states in the Southeast.

Friday Facts: May 17, 2013

How willing are consumers to ride in a car controlled entirely by technology that does not require a human driver?

Checking Up On Health: April 30, 2013

Remember P.J. O’Rourke’s oft-quoted comment? “If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s free!” The amount of the average subsidy per enrollee in the health care exchanges under ObamaCare, for example.

Foundation President Kelly McCutchen Cited in Rome News-Tribune

Foundation in The News: The Rome News-Tribune cited Foundation President Kelly McCutchen in an article in which Dr. Ben Carson proposed ending property taxes and replacing them with a statewide tax: His suggestion to replace local property taxes with state funding isn’t so easy to do, according to Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. It would mean raising state taxes equal to double the current income tax. Even then, the idea could backfire. Much of the difference comes from the amount  local districts choose to add to what … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: April 26, 2013

Oxycodone and oxymorons: Government efficiency does not appear to exist when it comes to drug abuse prevention and treatment programs

Student Outreach Scholarship Program Announcement

This week the Georgia Public Policy Foundation formally announced its new Student Outreach Scholarship Program that will enable university students to network with leading conservative policy makers at no charge to the students or to their schools. Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd unveiled the scholarship program at our April 23 telemedicine leadership event. Learn how you can become involved in this Foundation announcement.

Friday Facts: April 19, 2013

The first long-term study of the impact of school vouchers reveals their impact

Friday Facts: April 12, 2013

What are the biggest hurdles for new businesses? Find out in Friday Facts.

Friday Facts: April 5, 2013

Tax Freedom Day cometh, but five days later than 2012!

Friday Facts: March 29, 2012

A new product promises to turn the newest generation of mobile phones into multiprotocol toll transponders

Friday Facts: March 15, 2013

Lagging achievement and enrollment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in the United States is and will be one of the larger issues facing our domestic ability to fill manufacturing job opportunities.

Friday Facts: March 8, 2013

Online learning can compete with the “live” classroom experience in that it allows the teacher to perfect the lesson.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes Foundation CEO opposing Medicaid Expansion in Georgia

“The issue is what is the best way to address the uninsured in Georgia, and is it sustainable?”

Friday Facts: February 8, 2013

What are the odds you’ll keep your employer-sponsored health plan?

Friday Facts: February 1, 2013

Georgia law enforcement agencies seize millions of dollars in assets every year from people who are never even charged with, much less convicted of, a crime.

Friday Facts: January 25, 2012

What’s with the woobies? National School Choice Week 2013 begins today.

Friday Facts: January 18, 2013

Should Georgia pursue a state-based health exchange or expand Medicaid?

GPB Prime Time Lawmakers: January 16, 2013

Foundation President Kelly McCutchen appeared on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Prime Time Lawmakers on Wednesday, January 16, to participate in a panel discussion on school choice and public charter schools

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 15: ‘ “Bed tax” plan: practical solution or cop-out?’

Foundation President Kelly McCutchen is quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Georgia’s hospital “bed tax.”