Big Push to Improve Georgia Higher Ed Graduation Rates

Governor Nathan Deal announced Georgia is one of ten states that will receive $1 million grants from Complete College America to support improvements in higher education graduation rates.  These CCA grants are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  One result you should expect is closer coordination as it benefits students between the state’s university and technical college systems. Two years ago the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce predicted that 62 percent of all jobs nationwide will require some college education before the year 2018.  Georgia … Continue Reading →

Adults in Corrections Would Fill the Georgia Dome Three Times

Originally published April 18, 2011 Georgia lawmakers introduced 945 bills this year.  One that passed will fast track review of the state’s $1 billion per year corrections system costs with a concentration on how to reduce existing state prison populations and slow their growth without impacting public safety. So many Georgia adults are under state corrections system jurisdiction that their number would fill the Georgia Dome three times.  Or if you are a University of Georgia Bulldogs fan …that would be two sold out Sanford Stadiums and 40,000 more folks … Continue Reading →

Bowers: APS High School Graduation Rates “May Have Some Fallibility”

When the Atlanta Public Schools test cheating scandal investigation was released last week one section implied some business community sectors were more interested in protecting the city’s brand than in getting out all the test-cheating facts.  Now the two special prosecutors who ran the investigation are saying the business community has no choice: It must stay involved. “Just because something has gone wrong does not mean that the business community should back up and get out of the game,” former DeKalb County district attorney Bob Wilson said at a Monday … Continue Reading →

Duped by Beverly Hall, Business Leaders Tried to Protect Atlanta “Brand”

The next sound that you hear from the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal will likely be, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Last August the Atlanta Public Schools Blue Ribbon Commission of very high profile corporate executives released its report that found no evidence of systemic cheating on 2009 school year state competency tests.  Now we know better and the story being told is absolutely repulsive. Lacking subpoena powers, two companies hired to create the investigatory work produced a 22-page report … Continue Reading →

Clinton at Charters Conference; Deal Meets With Gates Foundation

Good morning from the 2011 National Charter Schools Conference at the World Congress Center in Atlanta.  Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the morning keynote address to some 4,000 conference attendees.  The 42nd President pushed cha…