Checking Up On Health: March 18, 2014

Health Care Policy News and Views Compiled by Benita M. Dodd ObamaCare Why no Medicaid expansion for Georgia? Just the expansion of Medicaid would cost Georgia an additional $2.5 billion over 10 years, Gov. Nathan Deal pointed out in an interview with Georgia Health News that was released Tuesday. “We simply cannot afford the $2.5 billion in new spending that the expansion would require without a severe impact on public education. The federal administration needs to start acknowledging the Supreme Court ruling and look at other alternatives that don’t force … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: March 7, 2014

The new SAT appears to bear some strong similarities to the Common Core State Standards.

Checking Up On Health: February 25, 2014

The numbers game continues with ObamaCare.

AJC Interviews Foundation President Kelly McCutchen on Medicaid

Kelly McCutchen is quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Medicaid expansion

Checking Up On Health: February 18, 2014

Test-tube lungs, doctors and technology, and what’s in a name.

Friday Facts: February 14, 2014

How realistic is the CBO’s estimate on the loss of full-time jobs as a result of ObamaCare?

GPB Interviews Benita Dodd Ahead of ‘Catastrophic’ Snowstorm

“We don’t deal with this weather on a routine basis like Northeastern states. In my book, over-preparation would be having all of this equipment on hand and maintaining it.”

Checking Up On Health: January 21, 2014

Health care costs, ObamaCare alternatives, Medicaid expansion, closing rural hospitals and more.

Friday Facts: January 17, 2014

Does transit use cause a decrease in congestion?

Friday Facts: November 22, 2013

  November 22, 2013  It’s Friday! It’s nearing year’s end, and we’d like to remind you: The Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the Friday Facts, our most popular product, exist thanks to your support and contributions. Please help us continue “Changing Georgia Policy, Changing Georgians’ Lives,” with your tax-deductible end-of-year contribution at You know we’re getting under their skin: We’re sporting another feather in our cap after the Foundation earned a personal mention on MSNBC from a doyenne of Big Government, Rachel Maddow. Maddow, whose syndicated talk radio program … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: November 8, 2013

How does Atlanta rank on congestion and water use? Not as poorly as you might think!

Checking Up On Health: November 5: 2013

Too much or too little sleep can be harmful to your health. How much sleep is enough?

Friday Facts: August 16, 2013

How are Georgia’s HOT lanes doing?

Checking Up On Health: August 13, 2013

Auto wreck fatalities down but patients’ bills up; another ObamaCare delay uncovered, and why you should know Henrietta Lacks.

Georgia: The Making of a Tech Powerhouse

Why have so many new startups and existing tech giants come to call Atlanta – and, indeed, all of Georgia – home and what will it take to continue the momentum?

Friday Facts: April 12, 2013

What are the biggest hurdles for new businesses? Find out in Friday Facts.

What Farmers Can Teach Physicians

The right approach to health care is to reduce demand in by empowering patients with information and access, not to limit health care.

Friday Facts: March 15, 2013

Lagging achievement and enrollment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in the United States is and will be one of the larger issues facing our domestic ability to fill manufacturing job opportunities.

Friday Facts: January 18, 2013

Should Georgia pursue a state-based health exchange or expand Medicaid?

Friday Facts: December 14, 2012

Under ObamaCare, 30 million people are expected to remain uninsured. What happens to them?