Foundation Signs National Letter on Healthcare Reforms

The following is an open letter published September 23, 2020, to the American people from 68 leaders participating in the Health Policy Consensus Group. The full list of signatories, who include Kyle Wingfield and Chris Denson, follows the letter. What’s Needed for Health Care Reform: Personalized Care That Puts You and Your Doctor in Charge The nation faces a clear choice between two paths for America’s health care future: One path is largely controlled by the government, where you get few choices and no options to escape. The other is controlled by you … Continue Reading →


Friday Facts: September 4, 2020

It’s Friday! Quotes of Note “U.S. debt has reached its highest level compared to the size of the economy since World War II and is projected to exceed it next year, the result of a giant fiscal response to the coronavirus pandemic. … That would put the U.S. in the company of a handful of nations with debt loads that exceed their economies, including Japan, Italy and Greece.” –  Wall Street Journal “In one sense, this deficit bug is only a symptom of the real virus. Today’s federal government bears almost no resemblance … Continue Reading →


Friday Facts: August 21, 2020

It’s Friday! The 2020 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum enters its final week! Click on the links for information and registration for next week’s Zoom sessions: August 25 panel discussion: “Healthcare: The Diagnosis, The Prognosis” August 27 closing keynote speech: “A Constitution Conversation,” with Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold D. Melton. There is no charge to register, but participants must have an authenticated Zoom account. Read more here. The Forum’s theme is “Wisdom, Justice, Adaptation,” a play on the state motto: “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.” The topics: Education; The Budget; Land … Continue Reading →


Friday Facts: August 14, 2020

It’s Friday! The 2020 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum has passed the halfway mark. Find information and registration for upcoming sessions: August 18: “Affordable Housing or Housing Affordability?” August 25: “Healthcare: The Diagnosis, The Prognosis” August 27: Closing Keynote, with Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton There is no charge to register for this series, but participants must have an authenticated Zoom account. Read more here. The Forum’s theme is “Wisdom, Justice, Adaptation,” a play on the state motto: “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.” The topics: Education; The Budget; Land Use and … Continue Reading →

2020 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Session 2: BUDGET

July 28: Session Two BUDGET Please note: For security purposes, only participants with verified Zoom accounts will be granted access to the 2020 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Zoom sessions. Create your free Zoom account here. 11:00            Welcome and Overview                       Kyle Wingfield, President and CEO, Georgia Public Policy Foundation 11:05 -12:15           Budget Calisthenics Budget Calisthenics   As the state deals with the long-term fallout from COVID-19 and the changing revenue projections, how … Continue Reading →


July 28
11:00 am - 12:15 pm
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Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones on Education: ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’

By Jan Jones I participated in a Georgia Public Policy Foundation virtual panel on July 21 to discuss what changes might come about in K-12 education during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the midst of a stunning and changing time. This includes school systems, teachers and parents preparing for the fall term when Georgia’s children will return to learning, a lot in an online format. My role as Speaker Pro Tempore of the Georgia House of Representatives puts me in different communities across our state. I’ve observed … Continue Reading →

Recent Foundation Publications

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 2020 publications are listed below by date of publication. Click on a link to read. Sign up here to be added to the Foundation’s media mailing list and receive news releases, commentaries and event updates and invitations. September 11: Tests Are Crucial to Measure Students’ Learning, by Kyle Wingfield. How do we know there’s an achievement gap? Because all kids, across a given state, have to take the same tests. September 4: This Labor Day, A Tribute to Work, by Benita M. Dodd The problem of … Continue Reading →

On COVID-19, Don’t Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

This commentary by Dr. Gary Voccio, Director of Public Health for Northwest Georgia, was published May 3 in Hometown Headlines of Greater Rome and is excerpted with permission. By Dr. Gary Voccio Are we ready to open up? Doesn’t matter. We’re going to; we can’t exist otherwise. The real question is how we reopen in a way that gives us our best chance to stay open. If we do it wrong, the pandemic will speed up again, our hospitals will get overrun again, and we’ll need to go into lockdown … Continue Reading →

No Reason to Call Off the Tax Cut Promised to Georgians  

By Kyle Wingfield Call it the Tale of the Uber Driver and the Farmer. No, they aren’t walking into a bar together or running an endurance race with a moral at the end. But they do offer a likely explanation for why Georgia’s tax revenues are lagging – and why legislators writing the budget need not lose too much sleep, or their nerve. Start with the Uber Driver, shorthand for anyone who has taken up working in the gig economy. Most rideshare drivers I’ve met have a similar story: They … Continue Reading →


Friday Facts: November 22, 2019

It’s Friday! Events January 28, 2020: The Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Anniversary Celebration and Freedom Award Dinner will take place in the Egyptian Ballroom of the Fox Theatre on Tuesday, January 28!  Details to follow.  Quotes of note  “The real problem is that socialism makes things expensive. Why run buses when you can earn political favors by spending billions building rail lines? Why bother negotiating with unions when you can get their votes by agreeing to their demands for high pay and generous pensions? Why bother being efficient when you … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: September 20, 2019

Updates on energy and environment, education, and healthcare.

Friday Facts: September 13, 2019

It’s Friday! Events September 18: Register by Monday to attend “License to Work,” a Foundation noon Policy Briefing Luncheon with the Georgians First Commission task force, focused on occupational licensing reforms. The Savannah Golf Club in Savannah. Register here. September 24: America’s Future Foundation and DonorTrust’s Novus Society seek to engage young professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the liberty movement. They host “Who Killed Civil Society?” a luncheon event in Atlanta featuring Howard Husock, vice president at the Manhattan Institute. $10. Information, registration here. September 26: “The Student-Loan Debt Dilemma” … Continue Reading →

Friday Facts: August 30, 2019

Spam, scooters and school choice.

Friday Facts: August 23, 2019

Autonomous driving, robot nurses and Atlanta’s wealth of surveillance cameras.

Friday Facts: August 16, 2019

Middle class on Medicaid?

Friday Facts: August 2, 2019

The middle class is shrinking?

Friday Facts: July 19, 2019

Chronic loneliness, skipping vacation and ‘Medicare for All’

Friday Facts: July 12, 2019

Southern ‘poverty,’ high-cost higher-ed, nebulous ‘character’ definitions

Friday Facts: June 28, 2019

Save your seat, save some money with Early Bird registration!

Friday Facts: June 21, 2019

Wildlife comes to town, ride sharing services offer help to transit agencies and troubling criminal justice data.