New Report Highlights How EPA’s Stepping on State Toes

On the heels of President Obama’s announcement this week that he would focus more sharply on a climate change agenda, ALEC released a report today highlighting the EPA’s ongoing usurpation of regulatory control from the states.

Biofuels, Ethanol Give Food for Thought

By Harold Brown A lawsuit filed this week against the federal Environmental Protection Agency accuses the agency of penalizing refiners for failing to meet “unattainable and absurd” cellulosic biofuels quotas outlined in EPA’s renewable fuels standard. The EPA mandates the purchase of biofuels formulated in part from biological materials including switchgrass, wood chips and agricultural waste. But the oil and gas industry trade association, the American Petroleum Institute, argues that the quotas set an unrealistic goal because no such cellulosic biofuels are produced on a commercial scale in the nation. Refiners unable … Continue Reading →