Friday Facts: October 11, 2013

The 32 percent increase in CO2 emissions that has occurred globally since 2002 – about 8.4 billion tons – has nearly all taken place in the developing world.

Friday Facts: September 6, 2013 has a growing list of the companies cutting staff and hours because they can’t afford the Affordable Care Act.

Friday Facts: August 30, 2013

The total additional cost to state taxpayers of implementation of ObamaCare is …

Friday Facts: August 9, 2013

Lake Oconee Academy’s test scores rank it as the state’s top-performing public charter school and Georgia’s third highest performing public elementary school.

Friday Facts: August 2, 2013

“In complete contradiction to every promise made by the President with regard to the [law], insurance companies in Georgia have filed rate plans increasing health insurance rates up to 198 percent for some individuals.”

New Report Highlights How EPA’s Stepping on State Toes

On the heels of President Obama’s announcement this week that he would focus more sharply on a climate change agenda, ALEC released a report today highlighting the EPA’s ongoing usurpation of regulatory control from the states.

Friday Facts: June 14, 2013

Are curbside bus services (like Megabus) really as unsafe as a federal study claimed?

Friday Facts: April 19, 2013

The first long-term study of the impact of school vouchers reveals their impact

Friday Facts: February 15, 2013

Georgia is poised to lead the nation in providing resources to enable personalized learning for every child.

Facts on Energy

The Institute of Energy Research recently published Hard Facts, an energy primer that seeks to correct myths that shroud current debate surrounding energy.