Friday Facts January 15, 2016

Free the Beer; A Streetcar still struggling; upcoming events

Georgia Leading the Way on Criminal Justice Reform

Georgia’s successful criminal justice reforms were highlighted recently at an event in Atlanta hosted by the Charles Koch Institute.

Video Forum: Eight Important Issues That Impact Georgians

Videos: Atlanta Journal-Constitution conservative columnist Kyle Wingfield and Georgia Center for Opportunity public policy vice president Eric Cochling discuss eight very important policy issues for Georgians.

Did Longer Time Served Reduce Crime or Just Cost Money?

By Mike Klein During the past five years there has been extensive discussion in Georgia and nationally about the relationship between prison costs and public safety. Texas and Kansas were the earliest states to enact reforms in 2007.  Then the recession hit, inmate counts were viewed as budget busters and other states jumped aboard the reform wagon.  Georgia passed significant new law this year and is in the earliest stages of implementation that will take years to evaluate. Most analysis here and nationally focused on the growth in state inmate … Continue Reading →