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Update:  House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Wendell Willard said Tuesday morning that he would wait “a few days” before asking that this legislation be considered on the House floor. By Mike Klein “Icemageddon” will delay until next week House consideration of civil forfeiture legislation but when the bill is announced, do not expect to find Georgia sheriffs applauding from the rafters. “Unfortunately, we are going to oppose the bill,” Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin said when he testified before House Judiciary last Thursday on behalf of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.  Sheriffs have opposed civil forfeiture reform since last year but conversations last week appeared to create at least the sliver of a chance they might come on-board. Instead, Griffin read a… View Article
By Mike Klein Georgia district attorneys through the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council continue to recommend changes to civil forfeiture reform legislation that should be passed out of a House Judiciary subcommittee when it meets Wednesday afternoon at the State Capitol in Atlanta.  Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter offered several possible amendments when he testified Monday.  Others who spoke during the hearing include Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police executive director Frank Vincent Rotondo and Georgia Sheriffs’ Association executive director Terry Norris.  Rotondo supports HB 1 and Norris opposes the legislation.  Here is a link to the Foundation’s coverage on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXMrh2PuZuw&feature=c4-overview&list=UU4uOlfbFbDHf2h6wCgOEDxQ  … View Article
(Watch YouTube links to view civil forfeiture reform hearing testimony.) By Mike Klein Given a chance to influence the civil forfeiture reform debate, the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association declined to appear at a House hearing, preferring to send a letter stating opposition to changes the Association said “will not serve to protect or benefit the citizens of our State.”  The vice chairman of the committee that held the hearing referred to the letter as “playing games.” Friday afternoon discussions that packed a State Capitol hearing room were noteworthy because HB 1 had support from every organization that testified including prosecuting and defense attorneys, the Institute for Justice, ACLU of Georgia, Americans for Prosperity Georgia and the Georgia Association of Chiefs of… View Article

The Foundation should take a lot of pride in your influence on Georgia governmental policy over the past several years. If you look back on several things that you were crying in the wilderness about several years ago, you will find that Governor Miller adopted them…your influence and your pressure on that process has been a major factor in governmental policy in Georgia. You should be congratulated.

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