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By Mike Klein Matt Candler tinkers.  His current tinkering includes building an electric motorcycle.   So when Candler discusses public schools it should not be a surprise when he says traditional schools are so far outdated that reform should be bypassed for complete reinvention. “We are riding a horse and we are having arguments about whether we should change the color of the saddle or whether we should use a different type of leather for the harness,” says Candler, who has worked to help New Orleans reinvent public education after Hurricane Katrina.  “Every other country is building rockets and cars and things that move much faster.  This to me is an argument for not talking about reforming our schools but reinventing… View Article
By Mike Klein This week a new report that contains almost six thousand lines of data tried to explain which Georgia schools and districts are the best and worst.  One improvement in the new formula gives increased emphasis to progress, that is, Jack and Jill marched up the hill even if they did not reach the pail of water. Trying and improving counts, too. But it is also fair to ask, does the new College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) treat alternative schools fairly?  Should alternative learning outside traditional models be evaluated the same or differently?  When a highly regarded alternative learning academy posts an abysmally low score, is that a reason to panic and question everything? Case in… View Article

Education and Innovation in New Orleans

(Below are excerpts from an article published on April 8, 2014 by Tom Vander Ark’s on the blog, Getting Smart. The educational success story of New Orleans is the subject of our upcoming Leadership Breakfast on April 24 featuring native Atlantan, Matt Candler, CEO of 4.0 Schools. Matt and his organization are referenced several times in the article.) The first Maker Faire in New Orleans was held over the weekend. It was hosted by a new school incubated by 4.0 Schools and New Schools New Orleans (NSNO)– Bricolage Academy. Matt Candler, founder of 4.0 Schools, said the event represents an important proof point that the New Orleans education story is about much more than recovery or making… View Article

Friday Facts: April 4, 2014

It’s Friday! Events  April 24: Matt Candler, founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools, keynotes, “School Choice: Big Gains in The Big Easy,” the Foundation’s Leadership Breakfast at 8 a.m. at Cobb County’s Georgian Club. This event is open to the public and is $25 to attend. Find out more at http://www.georgiapolicy.org/?p=12626. Register at http://bit.ly/1lmETV5. May 7: Foundation Members get a discount rate of $159 to attend “Health Reform 2.0: The Great Debate,” the first face-to-face debate between two of the nation’s most influential health care experts: John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a key thought leader for free market solutions and Dr. Kenneth Thorpe, who has been a key resource to almost… View Article

School Choice Increases Property Values

A recent study concludes that school choice increases local property values, says Ashley Bateman of the Heartland Institute. Looking at New York City, student performance increased with the expansion of charter schools. Not only did graduation rates rise, but net income and housing demand in those neighborhoods also increased. In all, the authors found that the opening of a new charter school led to a 3.7 percent increase in home prices in the same zip code, just a year later. From 2006 to 2012, graduation rates increased 11.3 percent, leading to a $37.1 billion increase in residential housing values. The addition of charter schools created more than $22 billion in housing value increases. John Merrifield, senior fellow at the National… View Article
GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION EVENT March 31, 2014 Contact Benita Dodd at 404-256-4050 or benitadodd@georgiapolicy.org Foundation’s April 24 Event: ‘School Choice: Big Gains in The Big Easy’  Atlanta – What does leadership in school choice look like? New Orleans, La.   What does leadership in school choice sound like? Matt Candler, chairman of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools and CEO of 4.0 Schools.  Candler, an Atlanta native, is the keynote speaker at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s 8 a.m. Leadership Breakfast on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at Cobb County’s Georgian Club. Join Candler as he describes his team’s role in the disruption and transformation of education in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, leading to the most innovative and aggressive… View Article

Friday Facts: March 28, 2014

It’s Friday!  Events  April 24: Matt Candler, founder and CEO of 404 Schools, keynotes, “School Choice: Big Gains in The Big Easy,” the Foundation’s Leadership Breakfast at 8 a.m. at Cobb County’s Georgian Club. This event is open to the public and is $25 to attend. Register at http://bit.ly/1lmETV5. Quotes of Note  “The fact that only a small percentage of medical errors are dealt with in the malpractice system suggests that it’s not a system. It deals in an incredibly inefficient way with a small percentage of the actual errors and in such a way that it does not make the performance of the overall system better. It’s not addressing why the error was made in… View Article
GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION EVENT March 24, 2014 Contact Benita Dodd at 404-256-4050 or benitadodd@georgiapolicy.org Last Chance to Register for Wednesday’s ‘Legislative Roundup’ Kyle Wingfield, Eric Cochling Review the 2013-14 Session and Look Ahead Atlanta – If you haven’t yet registered, a reminder: Today is the registration deadline for “Georgia Legislative Roundup,” the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Leadership Breakfast Wednesday at Cobb County’s Georgian Club. The 8 a.m. event is open to the public and features Eric Cochling, vice president of Policy Development at the Georgia Center for Opportunity, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Kyle Wingfield. Discussion will focus on the 2014 Georgia Legislative Session and the General Assembly’s business on tap for 2015, including reforms in education choice and funding,… View Article

GA Education Bill Could Create More Charter Opportunity

Update:  House Bill 897 was passed by the Georgia House 120-to-51 on Wednesday, February 26.  The bill requires Senate approval. By Mike Klein Georgia charter school issues have been quiet during the General Assembly but that could change soon.  House legislation that passed the Education Committee last week would improve the chances for successful charter schools to expand their instruction.  The same bill tries to give charter schools an easier path toward access to unused public school facilities. This is a short legislative week with House and Senate floor sessions Tuesday and Wednesday. Then both chambers are in recess until next Monday which is “Crossover Day” when most bills die if they have not passed one of the two… View Article

We’re Talking About Helping Georgia Kids Learn!

The Foundation focused on Georgia public charter schools and why parents choose private schools during our most recent Leadership Series breakfast.  We also talked about Georgia’s wildly successful tax credit scholarship which has enabled families to transition from traditional public schools to other learning models.  Check out the conversation in these three Foundation YouTube channel videos. Also, click here to learn about our constitutional balanced budget amendment breakfast on Wednesday, February 26, with Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute, and click here for the exciting details about our Wednesday evening, March 5, annual dinner with Daniel Garza, executive director of The LIBRE Initiative.  These are two Must Go events! Our Education Breakfast:  In this first video Eric Wearne discusses the… View Article

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