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Benita Dodd said the breakdown of the African-American family is a major factor that contributes to poverty when she participated in a panel this week in Atlanta. “Climbing the Ladder: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieving the American Dream” was presented by the Charles Koch Institute. “If you look at this country through the time of racial segregation, if you look at this country before the civil rights era when family cohesion was so much a part of the African-American family I think that you can see a lot more advancement having happened then than today,” said Dodd, who grew up in South Africa during apartheid. “Unfortunately too much of it is that moral imperative where we see that people have forgotten… View Article

It’s so often a lack of information that keeps us from getting involved. The Foundation is doing for the public what many could not do for themselves. Anytime that we’re given the truth, people can make good decisions.

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