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Checking Up On Health: March 29, 2016

Health Policy News and Views Compiled by Benita M. Dodd The law and unintended consequences One of the pieces of legislation that passed in the Georgia General Assembly is known as the Honorable Jimmy Carter Cancer Treatment Access Act. It’s prefaced with the statement that, “on December 6, President Carter revealed that his physicians said that all signs of cancer were gone.” The former president, you may recall, was diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, and it had spread to his brain and liver. He was 91 years old at diagnosis. He continues to undergo treatment; he says his doctors found no trace of the lesions. The legislation, HB 965, mandates: No health benefit plan… View Article

Checking Up On Health: April 30, 2013

Health Policy News and Views Compiled by Benita M. Dodd Hospital care spending: Georgia is second only to Utah in a ranking of the states with the lowest hospital care spending per person, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Utah spends $1,830 per person, while Georgia spends $1,922 per person. Alaska is the biggest spender, at $3,879 per person for hospital care. The figures are from 2009, the latest year available. Hospital care includes all services provided by hospitals to patients, such as room and board, ancillary charges and all other services billed by hospitals. Click here to see the list. Interestingly, at $4,948 per person, the District of Columbia far outspends all the states; the U.S. average is $2,475… View Article

Thank you for the great work that the Public Policy Foundation is doing across our state setting a wonderful example. I first ran for the Senate in 1994, and the Foundation was that resource I called upon to be a great help to me as we were articulating positions and formulating public policy initiatives. We appreciate very much your leadership and all that you stand for.

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