Another Summer of Polar Bears and Thin Ice

It's short-sighted to assume polar bears will starve without seals on sea ice if oceanic conditions change.

EPA Regulations for Utilities an Expensive Exercise in Futility

Burdensome, costly regulations on mercury levels are no way to encourage competition, investment or job creation.

Cut Capital Gains Tax Rate to Boost Georgia's Economy

By Mark King

The looming possibility of a federal tax increase if Congress allows the Bush administration’s tax cuts to expire offers the states an opportunity to protect investment. By lowering the capital gains tax rate, Georgia could earn a much-needed…

Commentary: Tougher air standards demand sensible solutions

By Benita M. Dodd

Good news certainly is proving to be no news now that metro Atlanta’s 2003 ozone season has ended. After all, alarmists wouldn’t want residents to know that the 13-county metro area designated in non-attainment with federal…

Health Care Reform: What's the Best Way to Lower Premiums?

By Kelly McCutchen

Rising health care costs are squeezing middle-class families, as this chart published by the Wall Street Journal based on Brookings Institution analysis clearly shows.

These families could care less about AHCA vs ACA, they just want some relief.

The good news…

ObamaCare Implementation: Stumbling Along

A mounting list of problems and failures plagues key aspects of the Affordable Care Act

Transit's Not the End of the Line for Low-Income Residents

The mantra of many activists that transit is the aspiration of the needy smacks of arrogance and elitism.

Telecommunications and Georgia’s Competitive Advantage

By William H. Read and Mark H. Read


From software development to telemedicine to broadcasting, many Georgia industries depend on the state’s telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, the telecommunications industry itself already employs some 50,000 professionals in Georgia.…

Clearing the Road to Transparency

By Benita M. Dodd 

For any Georgians still wondering about the need to see what government is up to with their tax dollars, it’s highlighted by the most recent example: Cobb County’s special election on extending a Special Purpose Local Option…

Tort Reform: Guide to the Issues 2020

Principles: Tort reforms should accomplish the following goals: Provide a fair and efficient legal system. Reduce the prevalence of legal abuse and fraudulent claims filed. Ensure patients have access to fair and reasonable compensation for legitimate medical injuries. Reduce liability insurance premiums for health care providers. Reduce the rates of preventable patient injuries. Download the Tort Reform chapter of the Guide to the Issues 2020 here Read the full Guide to the Issues 2020   Recommendation: Cap premises liability. Limit nuclear verdicts and reinstate medical liability caps. Replace Georgia’s current … Continue Reading →


Sunshine Week 2018 Shines a Light on Ongoing Need for Transparency

Sunshine Week highlights government transparency and access to public information.

Practical Strategies Can Increase Mobility in Georgia

There is an opportunity for Georgia to develop a quality transportation network without raising taxes.

Why States are Reluctant on National Health Care Reform

By Dennis G. Smith

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) guarantees the debate over health care will continue. Supporters of the PPACA want to convince the public that everything is settled and…

Pipeline from Canada Trickles Down to Georgia

While the administration fiddles, the United States could miss an opportunity to secure a reliable source of fuel from a friendly – and stable – nation.

Checking Up On Health: August 18, 2015

The journey of 10,000 steps a day has never been this much fun.

Reform lacking in Feds’ Medicaid Vision

By Nina Owcharenko

Recent coverage of the proposals offered by President Obama’s debt commission managed to gloss over a huge issue that is adding to the nation’s deficit – Medicaid. The impact of this federal-state partnership program on the country’s long-term fiscal future…

A Waste of Money: Why are Atlanta Residents Trashing Garbage Pickup?

Many municipalities are struggling to keep up with waste management. We asked what’s happening and why residents are paying the price.

A Shore Uncertainty: Rising Seas, Geologic Faults

Hurricane Sandy has been described as a harbinger of what comes with rising seas: the inundation of coastal cities, devastating storm surges, destruction of coastal wetlands and abandonment of land. The story is simple: Glaciers melt and oceans warm, causing seas to rise.

Give Prisoners a Second Chance

By Gerard Robinson and Elizabeth English

On October 12, 29 prisoners and 45 Baltimore-area experts in criminal justice congregated in the Jessup Correctional Institution library. Most were members of the University of Baltimore community or other academics. All were eager to…

Fault Feds, not Atlanta, for Lanier’s Woes

By Chick Krautler

Today, Lake Lanier is more than 13 feet below its full pool and nearly 10 feet lower than it was this time last year. The state climatologist sees the next few weeks as critical in determining the extent…