AJC Quotes Foundation in Article on Public Housing Rents

Proposed HUD reforms have locals worried and wondering.

New York Times Quotes Foundation on Atlanta Streetcar

"Let's view this as a lesson."

Patient Safety is the Important Issue

By Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald

As medical malpractice reform is debated in the General Assembly, it is critical to keep in focus that the way we handle medical mistakes must ultimately protect patients and improve their care.

The current system is not doing…

Teachers Unions, Faulty Economics and School Choice

Opponents of school choice are not worried about children

Maine strategy no prescription drug solution

By Nina Owcharenko

The United States Supreme Court recently issued a decision (PHRMA v. Walsh) to allow Maine Rx, a Maine government program requiring prescription drug discounts, to move forward.


While the Court’s decision focused on matters of law, and not policy, health policy…

Lack of Diversity a Risk for State's Pension Investments

By Kelly McCutchen

In these difficult economic times, it’s increasingly important to increase state employees’ retirement security and avoid future reductions in benefits. Yet a new study finds that the long-term investment returns of Georgia’s pension funds trail the performance of…

Five Ways Technology can Transform Transportation

By Steve Dickerson  

The information technology wave is engulfing nearly all productive activities, based on the ever cheaper and capable power of computing and communications. Transportation modes, too, can benefit from the efficiencies of the technologies of cellular communications with global…

Health Care: From 'No Way' to 'Now What?'

By Ronald E. Bachman

In polls and elections, a majority of Americans said “No!” to federal health care legislation, but it passed anyway. Most still want it repealed, but the time has come to plan ahead and prepare for a very…

Opportunity's Knocking Hard at Georgia's Door

Economic opportunity still lags the nation in Georgia.

Georgia Has Alternatives to Medicaid Expansion

Expanding Medicaid under the inflexible federal regulations currently in place would not be a good long-term decision for Georgia, but that doesn’t mean states shouldn’t propose a more effective alternative.

Growing Green Energy Puts Coal and Nuclear Plants in the Red

National energy policymaking doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so it’s important to examine the root causes of problems confronting this administration on the energy front.

Global Brightening and Hazy Predictions

By Harold Brown

Global warming, simplified: Burning fossil fuels generates carbon dioxide into the air, trapping energy radiated from the globe. The earth is made warmer because this energy is prevented from escaping into outer space.

But then there are air pollutants…

Behind the Scenes in the Making of a MOOC

The emerging world of K–12 blended learning remains a young field full of promise for personalizing learning and boosting outcomes for all students. More and more bright spots are emerging every day. One of those new bright spots is a massive online open course (MOOC) being created by Michael Horn and colleagues. Horn has spoken to the Foundation and the Forum has published several of his articles. In this article Horn talks about how he and his colleagues are creating their own MOOC.

Griffin a National Model for Stormwater Solutions

By Sara Pilzer

Any official who visits a Georgia river, stream or creek after a heavy rain understands why Brant Keller is a wanted man.

Keller is director of the Griffin Stormwater Utility. The city of 24,000 is Georgia’s first local government…

New Report Lauds Transit Contracting

By Baruch Feigenbaum

In late September, the Eno Center for Transportation released “A Bid for Better Transit,” a report focused on improving transit service via contracted operations. I recommend reading this well-written report, which provides a snapshot of contracting throughout the…

Are Georgia’s OPEB Liabilities a Problem?

By Allen Buckley

The media often reports about the funding problems of state and local pension plans, such as the plans maintained by Illinois, California and New Jersey. Georgia’s pension plans have also received significant press as well, although most of…

Marietta Daily Journal Reports on Study on Education Funding; Researcher Responds

MDJ reports on Foundation event; speaker responds.

Georgia 'HOT' on the Trail of Congestion Relief

By Benita M. Dodd

The standoff among the House, the Senate and the Governor’s office over competing transportation proposals continues under Georgia’s Gold Dome, but the Department of Transportation isn’t standing still. The DOT is moving right along with its plan…

Agency Bias Reinforces the Case for Limiting Government

Changing the agency leadership or political party in power does not change the self-preservation culture of public employees in government agencies.

Issue Analysis: Proposed Reforms to Georgia’s Teacher Pension System Missed the Mark

If anything, the current fiscal distress facing the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to adjusting TRS assumptions, funding policy, and plan design elements.