Transportation policy must focus on improving mobility and relieving congestion, not social engineering to force commuters out of their chosen mode of transportation. Most commuter rail proposals are expensive and ineffective, and could also limit the growth of freight traffic driven by expanding coastal port operations. Policies should embrace technological innovation, a user-pay system, and objective, mobility-focused criteria with cost-benefit analysis.

Commentary: Cost-Benefit Analysis in Transportation Can be Misleading

A number of reforms that would improve the estimates of the costs and benefits of transportation projects.

ZPolitics Magazine ‘Capitol Faces’ Publishes Foundation Article on Ga. Energy Policy

EPA must learn resistance isn't futile.

Public Transport’s Biggest Problem: The Public (That’s Us)

Social and economic change to the nature of work is changing the shape of employment decisions and the commute.

Halloween, ‘Sugar’ and The Right To Try

Twenty-one states now have Right-to-Try laws.
Cotton's Cottages

Private Property Rights: How One Think Tank is Changing a Nation

A think tank from Benita Dodd's native country is in the running for the Atlas Network's prestigious Templeton Award.

Dodd-Frank’s Dire Legacy: Durbin Amendment

Poor bank customers have been hit hard, with a million people forced out of the banking system as a result of increased fees.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Property Rights’ Next Frontier

It's time to redouble reform efforts in civil asset forfeiture.

Video: Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms

“Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms” featured two great panel discussions featuring Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, moderator John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation, Jason Pye of Freedomworks, Walter Olsen of the Cato Institute., Derek Cohen, senior policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation…

Principles for Professional Licensing Reform

Michigan and Texas provide good examples for Georgia to follow in expanding economic opportunity.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes Foundation’s, ‘A Streetcar named denial’

Verdict on the Streetcar: "uninspiring, uncomfortable and unlikely to succeed."

The Concrete Road Less Traveled

Consider concrete solutions to road-building competition.

What Happened Under the Gold Dome 2015

A post-Sine Die update on legislation related to Foundation proposals.

UPDATED: Transportation Funding Update

How did we get here? The portion of Georgia’s motor fuel tax that is dedicated to transportation funding is among the lowest in the nation. Over the last decade, state leaders have diverted funds for maintenance into sorely needed new…

Fiscal Analysis: How Does Georgia Compare to Other States

Everyone loves rankings. While it's very helpful to understand where you rank compared to your peers, it's also important to make sure the comparisons are valid.

Historic Districts and their Effects on Land Use

Zoning policies send a distorted market signal

Clearing Up Confusion over Transportation Funding

Diverting transportation funds to other non-transportation purposes for many years led to the current dilemma.

Transportation Funding Matters: February 18

Register today for a comprehensive discussion on transportation funding in Georgia.

A Window of Opportunity to Get Transportation Funding Right

Georgia’s motor fuel excise tax hasn’t changed in 44 years, while fuel efficiency and inflation steadily eroded the tax base and its purchasing power.

Transit findings’ not-so-silver linings

Critics who point to color behind a reluctance to join MARTA are right. But it’s not about race. It’s about green.

The Foundation’s Best of the Best of 2014!

The Foundation shares its Top 10 of 2014! What were YOUR favorites?