Transportation policy must focus on improving mobility and relieving congestion, not social engineering to force commuters out of their chosen mode of transportation. Most commuter rail proposals are expensive and ineffective, and could also limit the growth of freight traffic driven by expanding coastal port operations. Policies should embrace technological innovation, a user-pay system, and objective, mobility-focused criteria with cost-benefit analysis.

Guide to the Issues: Transportation


Traffic congestion, while inconvenient, is a sign of a thriving economy. Transportation policy must focus on improving mobility and relieving congestion. To the extent possible, users should pay. Use objective criteria when weighing transportation options.


Embrace funding alternatives Plan for a future of transportation innovations Include…

Guide to the Issues: Occupational Licensing


Citizens have a right to pursue a legal occupation and the burden should fall on the government to justify any restrictions to that right. Restrictions on economic liberty should be targeted at protecting health and safety and policy-makers should demand proof…

California Lawmakers Reach Consensus over Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill: A Model for Georgia Reform?

California State Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell and various law enforcement groups in California have reached an agreement regarding the fate of a bill introducing various reform measures to the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws, according to The Los Angeles Times…

Above All, Do No Digital Harm

Congressional action could have unintended negative consequences.

‘Guide to the Issues’ Offers Georgia-focused Solutions

By Benita Dodd


The media hype surrounding the political parties’ national conventions spotlights the enormous discord created by personalities and politics as the presidential election approaches. Getting short shrift amid slogans and the scramble for dollars and votes…

AJC Quotes Kelly McCutchen on Georgia Spending

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of Thursday, June 30, 2016 quoted Georgia Public Policy Foundation President Kelly McCutchen extensively in a front-page article on Georgia’s state budget and spending. The article is reprinted in full below; access it online at the newspaper’s…

AJC Quotes Foundation on Atlanta Streetcar

The Sunday June 5, 2016 edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution included a column by its Senior Managing Editor on the Atlanta Streetcar entitled, “Boondoggle or future boon?” in which Foundation Vice President Benita Dodd was quoted. The column is reproduced below…

AJC Article Quotes Foundation on Ride-sharing Services

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of June 6, 2016, included an article by Pete Corson on ride-sharing services’ role in transit and quoted Kelly McCutchen. The article is printed in its entirety below and can be accessed online here (subscription required).

Will Uber and Lyft…

Transit Planning 201 for Atlanta: Please Don’t Let Us Blow It

By Mike Dobbins

The pace quickens for putting out some information for citizens to consider as they decide how to vote on the transit referendum. Yet major issues remain about how people will be able to make an informed decision on…

Do Governments Underplay Buses, Favor Rail?

Give buses a chance.

Transit’s Future is in Innovation, Not in Trains

Continuing to resort to 19th-century technology is unwise when a 21st-century generation prefers flexibility and innovative, personalized transit options.

Transit Funding a Step in the Right Direction

Atlanta-focused transportation component has positives and negatives.

Atlanta Has Reached Peak Transit

It might be said that MARTA practices transit apartheid.

Government Trails, Technology Triumphs in Transportation Policy

By Benita M. Dodd


A Georgia Senate committee heard this week from proponents and foes of a sales tax increase to fund public transportation projects including an 11.9-mile MARTA heavy rail expansion up Georgia 400. Witnesses represented developers,…

Senior Fellow Baruch Feigenbaum Testifies at Senate Committee Hearing on MARTA

For one MARTA heavy-rail expansion we could provide 20 high quality bus rapid transit expansions.

The Truth About Millennial Commuting Patterns

What's happened to change commute patterns of Millennials?

Friday Facts: February 5, 2016

MARTA rail expansion, education and money and welfare work requirements.

Caution Recommended on Sales Tax Increase for Rail Transit

A new quarter-penny sales tax for transit could build one heavy-rail extension that would lock up transit funding and lock in an aging technology for the foreseeable future and take more than 100 years to pay off.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Highlights Autonomous Vehicles

Marc Scribner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute writes on the dangers of regulation delaying automated vehicles.

Self-Driving Regulation

Pro-Market Policies Key to Automated Vehicle Innovation

By Marc Scribner

Leonardo da Vinci first sketched the design for a self-propelled cart with programmable steering…

Atlanta Business Chronicle Quotes Foundation on Ga. Transportation

" ... putting more buses in managed lanes would be far more cost-effective."