Regulatory excess takes a toll on taxpayers and results in bloated and unnecessary government. Millions of dollars could be saved by considering technological and contemporary efficiencies, not to mention unnecessary regulations – business licensing requirements, occupational licensing requirements and auto emissions regulations, to name a few.

Land Use Regulations Hike the Cost of Housing

Cities with lower levels of traditional land-use regulation remain relatively affordable.

THE VICTIMS OF ‘DARK MONEY’ DISCLOSURE: How Government Reporting Requirements Suppress Speech and Limit Charitable Giving

Troublingly, disclosure mandates are sweeping the country in the form of vague and overbroad regulations reaching the activities of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations – groups that operate in nearly every sector and industry in the United States and represent views across the political and philosophical spectrum. These mandates have diluted political dialogue, invited harassment and retaliation against speakers, and chilled speech and association.

Halloween, ‘Sugar’ and The Right To Try

Twenty-one states now have Right-to-Try laws.

City-Run Broadband Internet Is a Disaster in the Making

The mistakes of municipal broadband.
Cotton's Cottages

Private Property Rights: How One Think Tank is Changing a Nation

A think tank from Benita Dodd's native country is in the running for the Atlas Network's prestigious Templeton Award.

Policy Forum Early Bird Registration Ends Sept. 4!

Be sure to sign up to attend the Sixth Annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Oct. 15!

Principles for Professional Licensing Reform

Michigan and Texas provide good examples for Georgia to follow in expanding economic opportunity.

Trade Promotion Authority Deserves Americans’ Support

Congressional safeguards prevent abuse of Trade Promotion Authority.

Replace Mandatory State Licensing with Voluntary Certification, Study Says

A new study from North Carolina’s John Locke Foundation suggests a market-oriented alternative to state professional licensing. Read the press release below:

North Carolina could promote job creation, lower consumer prices, and boost opportunities for low-income families by replacing most of…

Fighting Back Against “Pointless, Stupid and Tyrannical” Regulations

How do you reign in the modern regulatory state?

The Bitter Battle Over Bogus Butter

Nothing illustrates the vagaries of government management better than the protection of butter.

Proposal Would Level the Playing Field for Beer and Wine Sales

While breweries are contributing to economic growth in many states, Georgia is being held back by antiquated laws and powerful special interests.

Federal Overreach is Focus of March 18 Event with AG Sam Olens

Foundation's next event: March 18 with AG Sam Olens discussing federalism.

Historic Districts and their Effects on Land Use

Zoning policies send a distorted market signal

The Foundation’s Best of the Best of 2014!

The Foundation shares its Top 10 of 2014! What were YOUR favorites?

The Hidden Danger in Title II for Tech Companies

By Stephen Loftin

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently posted a blog supporting net neutrality as a way to keep internet companies from censoring content they don’t like. His piece brings up an interesting point that the tech community needs to think through before…

Savannah Tour Guides Sue to End Licensing Requirement

"In this country, anyone should be free to talk, just as anyone should be free not to listen.”
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Georgia Legislative Policy Forum 2014: A Platform for ­­Reform

"Every year, the Forum is a unique opportunity to bring innovative ideas directly to Georgia leaders."

Should Georgia Slow Down Foster Care Pilot Project?

Georgia's foster care pilot projects seems to be fast-tracked, but would a slower approach work better? By Foundation Editor Mike Klein

After SHEP … Georgia Looks Toward a New Savannah River Terminal

Georgia already has its sights set on the next strategy after completion of the Savannah River Harbor Project. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein.