Welfare programs should be designed to be temporary and targeted to benefit those most in need, but helping individuals move from dependency to self-sufficiency should be the primary focus of safety-net programs. As taxpayer funded services, such government programs must have accountability and oversight to ensure efficiency and integrity, with performance metrics that discourage fraud and determine that programs are, in fact, reducing poverty and encouraging self-sufficiency.

Guide to the Issues: Welfare Reform


Helping people move from dependency to self-sufficiency should be the primary focus of the safety net. Making work pay is essential. Working more hours or getting a pay raise should not set families back financially Programs should target benefits to the most…

Guide to the Issues: Occupational Licensing


Citizens have a right to pursue a legal occupation and the burden should fall on the government to justify any restrictions to that right. Restrictions on economic liberty should be targeted at protecting health and safety and policy-makers should demand proof…

California Lawmakers Reach Consensus over Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill: A Model for Georgia Reform?

California State Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell and various law enforcement groups in California have reached an agreement regarding the fate of a bill introducing various reform measures to the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws, according to The Los Angeles Times…

Above All, Do No Digital Harm

Congressional action could have unintended negative consequences.

‘Guide to the Issues’ Offers Georgia-focused Solutions

By Benita Dodd


The media hype surrounding the political parties’ national conventions spotlights the enormous discord created by personalities and politics as the presidential election approaches. Getting short shrift amid slogans and the scramble for dollars and votes…

Poverty Solutions Should Minimize Government’s Role

Imagine the solutions if we embrace churches, charities, corporations and citizens as the solution instead of bigger government.

Georgia Is Moving Forward on Welfare Reform

The central component for helping people escape poverty is work.

Beyond Medicaid: Health Care for Low-Income Georgians

There are better routes than Medicaid expansion to health care for low-income individuals.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes Foundation Op-ed on Legislature 2016

Session 2016: Limit government, advance economic opportunity.

A 2016 Legislative Wish List for Georgia

Conventional wisdom says a budget surplus plus an election year equals a legislative session that adjourns quickly to maximize time for campaigning and fundraising, but not before spreading government funds as widely as possible to maximize voter "happiness.”

A Success Story in Helping Lower-income Workers

By Kelly McCutchen

With the media focused on partisan gridlock in Washington, it’s easy to overlook major success stories in bringing bipartisan public policy and innovative business partnerships together to help American workers.

Part-time and other lower-income workers often drop out of…

Halloween, ‘Sugar’ and The Right To Try

Twenty-one states now have Right-to-Try laws.
Cotton's Cottages

Private Property Rights: How One Think Tank is Changing a Nation

A think tank from Benita Dodd's native country is in the running for the Atlas Network's prestigious Templeton Award.

Government ‘Charity:’ Unwarranted and Unsustainable

Payments to and for individuals have grown in good times and bad.

The Dignity of Work

For most people, chronic homelessness among men would not be the first choice among problems to tackle in inner-city Atlanta.

‘The Poor Always Pay When There’s Austerity’

Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute participates in a panel discussion on poverty with President Obama.

Welfare Reform Lessons From the Front Lines

Great welfare reform lessons from AEI’s Robert Doar, who achieved great success heading up welfare reforms in New York City.

Doar outlines the reasons for success in New York: “Welfare-caseload declines, work-rate increases, and child-poverty declines all happened largely because, for…

When ‘Poverty’ Founders, Float ‘Income Inequality’

'Poverty' gets harder to define in a changing world.

Chart of Existing Welfare Benefits

Rep. Paul Ryan included this chart in his recent anti-poverty proposal.

After SHEP … Georgia Looks Toward a New Savannah River Terminal

Georgia already has its sights set on the next strategy after completion of the Savannah River Harbor Project. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein.