Despite being a pro-business state, Georgia’s legal environment lags behind many states. Georgia should continue to focus on medical malpractice reform as the first step in moving us toward a more effective, efficient and fair legal system.

The Rule of Law and Its Equitable Application

Wanted: strong individual citizen involvement to hold government accountable.

Benita Dodd Writes on Civil Asset Forfeiture in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Writing in the AJC, Benita Dodd seeks more protection for citizens in civil asset forfeiture.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Property Rights’ Next Frontier

It's time to redouble reform efforts in civil asset forfeiture.

Video: Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms

“Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms” featured two great panel discussions featuring Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, moderator John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation, Jason Pye of Freedomworks, Walter Olsen of the Cato Institute., Derek Cohen, senior policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation…

Criminal Justice Reform Working

Crime and incarceration rates are falling in Georgia and other reform states.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Good Intentions Gone Awry and The Need for Reform

Civil asset forfeiture should be returned to its original purpose: penalizing those who seek to profit from their illegal activities

2015 Legislative Session: Opportunities Taken and Missed

Where did the General Assembly win and fall short?

Highlighting Foundation’s Role in Criminal Justice Reform

Article highlights Foundation's leadership on criminal justice reform in Georgia.

Will Georgia Legislators Trust Citizens Who Elected Them?

Fewer steps between manufacturer and consumer mean a lower consumer price.

Legislature Makes Good Progress on The Issues

Promising action on the legislative front.

The Foundation’s Best of the Best of 2014!

The Foundation shares its Top 10 of 2014! What were YOUR favorites?

Georgia Ranks Among the Most Free States in North America

Which American states are the most free?

U.S. Senate Votes to Oppose Freedom

By Bartlett D. Cleland 

Bartlett Cleland

Our civil liberties suffered another loss this week when the Senate chose to duck surveillance reform by killing the USA Freedom Act. The legislation would have limited the data dragnet that is currently being…

Outlaw Policing for Profit in Georgia

Seizing the property of individuals who have not been convicted, let alone indicted, is a travesty of justice

Getting Smart on Crime Puts Georgia Ahead

Georgia has reason to celebrate success in adult criminal and juvenile justice reforms.

Astonishing Early Results from GA Juvenile Justice Reform

Early criminal justice reform outcomes: Georgia juvenile detention sentences were down an astonishing 62 percent during a nine-month period that ended in June. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein
Forum attendees

Georgia Legislative Policy Forum 2014: A Platform for ­­Reform

"Every year, the Forum is a unique opportunity to bring innovative ideas directly to Georgia leaders."

Partisan Politics and Procrastination Hinder a Border Solution

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to diagnose that the chief problem for the federal government is a lack of prioritization

After SHEP … Georgia Looks Toward a New Savannah River Terminal

Georgia already has its sights set on the next strategy after completion of the Savannah River Harbor Project. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein.

New Detail About Georgia Foster Care Privatization Pilot Project

Georgia has published its foster care privatization pilot project request for proposals. By Foundation Editor Mike Klein