Georgia Public Policy Foundation explores targeted healthcare solutions that are patient-centered, provide security for the sickest individuals, treat individuals and companies fairly under the tax code, promote personal responsibility, embrace transparency in the market, and avoid costly top-down mandates that discourage flexibility and limit options for Georgians seeking access to affordable, quality care.

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Supports Donor Privacy for Nonprofits

The Wall Street Journal edition of September 23, 2016,  published an op-ed by Tracie Sharp, head of the State Policy Network (of which the Georgia Public Policy Foundation is a member) and our Darcy Olsen, head of our sister think…

Applying the Lessons of Criminal Justice Reform to Health Care

What if there was a more efficient health care approach for Georgia's low-income uninsured?

Checking Up On Health: August 17, 2016

What should you save for health care in your retirement?

Guide to the Issues: Pension Reform


Any reforms to pensions should consider the long-term solvency of a plan and protect the already promised benefits for employees already in the system. The benefits in a public employee retirement system should be sustainable, secure and affordable:

Provide retirement security…

A Patient-Centered Alternative to Medicaid Expansion (Slide Presentation)

These slides are part of the Foundation's presentation of its vision for a patient-centered alternative to Medicaid Expansion.

Guide to the Issues: Occupational Licensing


Citizens have a right to pursue a legal occupation and the burden should fall on the government to justify any restrictions to that right. Restrictions on economic liberty should be targeted at protecting health and safety and policy-makers should demand proof…

Guide to the Issues: Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice reforms should accomplish the following goals:

Reduce the rates of preventable patient injuries. Promote open communication between physicians and patients. Ensure patients have access to fair compensation for legitimate medical injuries. Reduce liability insurance premiums for health care providers.


Replace Georgia’s current expensive and ineffective malpractice system with…

Guide to the Issues: Medicaid


Government should be willing to spend what it is already spending, but in a more rational manner. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually in Georgia on uncompensated care for the uninsured. The uninsured may not have coverage but…

Guide to the Issues: Long-Term Care


Long-term care programs should be reserved for Georgia’s most vulnerable populations. Long-term care programs should be designed to avoid “crowding out” private solutions and personal responsibility.


Seek ways to target publicly funded long-term care (LTC) services to the neediestGeorgians. Middle-class and affluent people…

Guide to the Issues: Health Care


Sound health care policy should have the following characteristics:

Patient-centered– Putting economic purchasing power and decision-making in the hands of participants minimizes third-party reimbursements, which foster an environment of entitlement and unlimited demand for health care services. Security for the sickest– Any…

California Lawmakers Reach Consensus over Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill: A Model for Georgia Reform?

California State Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell and various law enforcement groups in California have reached an agreement regarding the fate of a bill introducing various reform measures to the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws, according to The Los Angeles Times…

A Bipartisan “Yes” On A Health Care Tax Credit

Ready for some good news on health reform? Both the presumptive Democratic candidate for President and the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives agree people should be able to spend more money directly on medical care without insurance companies meddling.

Above All, Do No Digital Harm

Congressional action could have unintended negative consequences.

‘Guide to the Issues’ Offers Georgia-focused Solutions

By Benita Dodd


The media hype surrounding the political parties’ national conventions spotlights the enormous discord created by personalities and politics as the presidential election approaches. Getting short shrift amid slogans and the scramble for dollars and votes…

Georgia Must Correct Dental Care Disparities

By Nicoleta Serban 

More than 58 percent of Georgia’s children – about 1.5 million youngsters –  qualify for public dental benefits through the state’s Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids programs, according to a new Georgia Tech study. Unfortunately, of the 3,872…

Marietta Daily Journal Publishes Foundation Op-ed on Prescription Price Controls

Price controls on drugs purchased through the Medicare Part D program are a bad idea.

Checking Up On Health: July 5, 2016

What experts think of the Republicans' health plan; Georgia telehealth and 'selfie elbow.'

Expand Access to Care, Not Medicaid

Solutions require a fundamentally different approach that puts patients first.

AJC Quotes Kelly McCutchen on Georgia Spending

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of Thursday, June 30, 2016 quoted Georgia Public Policy Foundation President Kelly McCutchen extensively in a front-page article on Georgia’s state budget and spending. The article is reprinted in full below; access it online at the newspaper’s…

Memorial Day Thanks for Better Days After Battle Scars

A man of faith, Scott Rigsby works to serve both as a lesson and an example.