Georgia Public Policy Foundation explores targeted healthcare solutions that are patient-centered, provide security for the sickest individuals, treat individuals and companies fairly under the tax code, promote personal responsibility, embrace transparency in the market, and avoid costly top-down mandates that discourage flexibility and limit options for Georgians seeking access to affordable, quality care.

Insurance Regulation, Risk Pools and Tax Credits

By Kelly McCutchen

Addressing pre-existing issues and helping low-income individuals afford health insurance are two major issues being debated in health care reform. The challenge is avoiding unintended consequences by making sure the right incentives are in place.

Insurance Regulations

Before the Affordable…

Who are Georgia’s Uninsured?

By Kelly McCutchen

The chart below breaks down Georgia’s 1.38 million uninsured residents based on Census Bureau data for 2016.

The vertical axis represents income as a percent of the federal poverty level, which is about $12,000 for a single person. The…

AJC Quotes Foundation’s Kelly McCutchen on State Health Plan Eligibility Audit

Audit could save Georgia up to $56 million.

Five Ways the Senate Can Improve Health Care Reform

As the August recess fast approaches, taxes, infrastructure and other important federal policy deliberations await the fate of health care reform in the U.S. Senate.

Health Care Reform: What’s the Best Way to Lower Premiums?

By Kelly McCutchen

Rising health care costs are squeezing middle-class families, as this chart published by the Wall Street Journal based on Brookings Institution analysis clearly shows.

These families could care less about AHCA vs ACA, they just want some relief.

The good news…

The Relationship Between Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court Confirmation

Be careful when you set a new precedent, because your decision could come back to haunt you.

Direct Primary Care Delivers on Cost, Quality and Caring

In 2016, Senate legislation seeking to clarify that Direct Primary Care is not insurance did not make it out of the Georgia Senate. In 2017, the Senate unanimously approved similar DPC legislation and the House Insurance Committee reported favorably on the bill…

Direct Primary Care Offers Affordability, Quality, Access and Care

Foundation provides testimony on Direct Primary Care for House committee hearing.

How States Can Break the Health Care Logjam

Federal waivers could help ease the burden on low-income Georgians and the hospitals that treat them.

News Release: Foundation Welcomes Tom Price as HHS Secretary

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release February 10, 2017

Contact: Benita Dodd, Georgia Public Policy Foundation | (404) 256-4050 

Foundation Welcomes Tom Price as HHS Secretary

Atlanta – Kelly McCutchen, president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, had the following response to today’s Senate confirmation and swearing in of Tom Price as…

Cures Act Creates New Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement

The Cures Act overturns a previous ruling by the IRS and DOL that precluded employers from using a defined contribution “HRA only” approach to subsidize their employees’ purchase of individual plans.
2014 Ga Hospital Cost Coverage by Payer

Fixing the $1 Billion Federal Unfunded Heath Care Mandate

By Kelly McCutchen

There is no question Georgia’s rural hospitals are struggling. The great majority of these hospitals are losing money every year and several have been forced to close. Their struggles were one of the primary reasons cited for Medicaid expansion. But before…

2017 Legislature Can Act on Tax, Health and Education Reform

Improve income, opportunity and well-being.

How Direct Primary Care Benefits Patients With Chronic Conditions

Anybody who is in the business of selling the idea of direct primary care (DPC) to patients, employers, or politicians can anticipate the usual pushback that will arise in any Q and A format.

The Top Ten in 2016!

Foundation's most popular commentaries of 2016.

Competitive Cross-State Selling of Individual Health Insurance Policies

Competitive cross-state selling of individual health plans.

Lessons and Opportunities from The Election

It’s not always as good, or bad, as it seems. The same can be said of this year’s national election.

Health Care: Another Foundation Frontier

It takes time to turn the tanker of state government. We're doing it.

Obscure State Laws Hurt Patients, Make Hospitals Worse

When providers have to compete for patients, the level of care increases.

Checking Up On Health: September 28, 2016

On acne, Breast Cancer Month and Medicaid expansion.