Government action should take place in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability, with respect for private property, individual rights and freedom of speech. A top down analysis of federal, state and local regulations can help protect individuals from government overreach with respect to such concerns as eminent domain, local architectural ordinances, municipal broadband and civil asset forfeiture.

Guide to the Issues: Occupational Licensing


Citizens have a right to pursue a legal occupation and the burden should fall on the government to justify any restrictions to that right. Restrictions on economic liberty should be targeted at protecting health and safety and policy-makers should demand proof…

California Lawmakers Reach Consensus over Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill: A Model for Georgia Reform?

California State Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell and various law enforcement groups in California have reached an agreement regarding the fate of a bill introducing various reform measures to the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws, according to The Los Angeles Times…

Above All, Do No Digital Harm

Congressional action could have unintended negative consequences.

‘Guide to the Issues’ Offers Georgia-focused Solutions

By Benita Dodd


The media hype surrounding the political parties’ national conventions spotlights the enormous discord created by personalities and politics as the presidential election approaches. Getting short shrift amid slogans and the scramble for dollars and votes…

Sunshine Week 2016: Shine a Light on Ga. Senate Committees

By Benita M. Dodd

March 13-19 is Sunshine Week, the annual nationwide celebration of government transparency and access to public information. It’s come just in time to reinforce the need for increased transparency under the Gold Dome to empower more Georgia citizens.  

Georgia House and Senate…

The Dangers of Municipal Broadband

Watchdog reports on taxpayer-funded broadband initiatives.

The 2016 State of the State Address

Gov. Nathan Deal delivered the annual State of the State address and introduced his 2017 budget recommendations last week. Here are some of the recommendations and comments:

More support for high-demand skills training: “…over the past three years, we have identified 11 areas where a…

Foundation responds to Peachtree City official’s accusations

We did NOT misrepresent the facts on Peachtree City's government broadband plan.

Foundation Results

Yes, we offer 30,000-foot policy proposals, but we also have “boots on the ground.”

This Thanksgiving, Call Us ‘Thank Tanks’

Hundreds of liberty-minded activists from around the world were gathered for the Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum.

Heartland’s Broadband Article Quotes Foundation’s President

Heartland Institute interviews Kelly McCutchen on Peachtree City's taxpayer-funded broadband.

Halloween, ‘Sugar’ and The Right To Try

Twenty-one states now have Right-to-Try laws.

Opportunity’s Knocking Hard at Georgia’s Door

Economic opportunity still lags the nation in Georgia.
Cotton's Cottages

Private Property Rights: How One Think Tank is Changing a Nation

A think tank from Benita Dodd's native country is in the running for the Atlas Network's prestigious Templeton Award.

The Dodd-Frank Act 5 Years Later: Are We More Stable?

Dodd-Frank has slowed economic recovery, raised prices, reduced choice and eliminated access to the financial mainstream for American families.

Benita Dodd Writes on Civil Asset Forfeiture in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Writing in the AJC, Benita Dodd seeks more protection for citizens in civil asset forfeiture.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Property Rights’ Next Frontier

It's time to redouble reform efforts in civil asset forfeiture.

Video: Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms

“Civil Asset Forfeiture: Undue Process and Overdue Reforms” featured two great panel discussions featuring Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, moderator John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation, Jason Pye of Freedomworks, Walter Olsen of the Cato Institute., Derek Cohen, senior policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation…

Eva Galambos: Farewell to an Iron Lady of Georgia

The first mayor of Sandy Springs was a tenacious lady.

News Release: Foundation Highlights Solar Energy and Sunshine Week

As Sunshine Week approaches, the need for government transparency is clear.