A free and competitive marketplace of education choices that rewards innovation, efficiency and quality, one in which the funding follows the child, will provide families with the education that best meets their child’s needs. Priorities should include student-centered education, public charter schools, special-needs scholarships, tuition tax credit scholarships, online learning environments and a focus on high-school diplomas in the corrections system.

Foundation Welcomes Ga. High Court Ruling on Tax Credit Scholarships

The Georgia Supreme Court declares tuition tax credit scholarships constitutional.

Get Real About the Federal Education Budget

Federal education cuts? More paper cut than slash.

Eyes In the Sky Over Sandy Springs?

By Russ Coker

The use of drones has exploded over the last several years, with the (mostly) flying robots so ubiquitous that it is easy to forget that even as recently 10 years ago, no consumer-grade versions of the devices were…

Education is Key to Redeeming Lives in Prison

In today’s knowledge economy, higher education is one of the first rungs on the ladder to economic freedom and social mobility. Too many formerly incarcerated Americans never climb this ladder – or reach for it at all.

Education Reform Requires More Than Tweaks

By Benita M. Dodd

It’s no secret that a 2017 legislative session begun with a smorgasbord of meaningful education reforms disintegrated into crumbs for Georgia families struggling to find viable alternatives when public schools fail to meet their children’s needs.

This week,…

Legislature 2017 Misses Many Opportunities

Last-minute rush leaves behind important ideas. Again.

Giving Perspective to Scholarship Programs

The benefits of school choice are more than academic.

Testimony on Education Savings Accounts

Senate Education and Youth Committee Wednesday, February 22, 2017 Testimony of Kelly McCutchen, President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

I would like to focus my testimony on the impact of Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) on public schools.

Regarding student achievement, research shows that school choice…

The State of the Graduation Rate, and the States of the States

If Trump keeps his promise to devolve education, all eyes move to the states.

News Release: Foundation Welcomes DeVos as Secretary of Education

"Competition is a rising tide that lifts all boats."

AJC’s Kyle Wingfield Writes on Scafidi Study on Education Spending

"Why are we still talking about the amount we spend on schools, instead of how we spend it?"

Expand Retirement Options, Shrink Teacher Doldrums

Changing Georgia's teacher retirement plan could make the profession more attractive.

Marietta Daily Journal Reports on Study on Education Funding; Researcher Responds

MDJ reports on Foundation event; speaker responds.

Balancing the Books in Georgia Public Education

Georgia underreports public education spending by billions of dollars

New Study Finds Georgia Underreports Public School Spending

State websites give the impression the state spends billions of dollars less on K-12 education.

Issue Analsysis: Balancing the Books in Education

This issue analysis was published on January 26, 2017. The study can be downloaded here (PDF) and the Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Scafidi can be downloaded here (PDF). The press release is below.




2017 Legislature Can Act on Tax, Health and Education Reform

Improve income, opportunity and well-being.

Teachers Unions, Faulty Economics and School Choice

Opponents of school choice are not worried about children

Lessons and Opportunities from The Election

It’s not always as good, or bad, as it seems. The same can be said of this year’s national election.

December 8 Leadership Breakfast: What’s Next for Education?

What's next for Georgia's K-12 students? Find out December 8!